Ibiza finalizes preparations to receive Barça

first_imgThe club still recovers from the shock it suffered a couple of nights ago when criminals stormed the offices. They did not take much loot but about 40 entries that had to be deactivated. Also some money from the club shop.What Ibiza has not had to improvise is the installation of the VAR cameras, which will not come into operation in the Copa del Rey until the next tie. The artificial turf of the stadium is apparently in very good condition. It has endured the rain of the last days and the forecast of precipitation has fallen from 80 to 20 percent in the last hours. The storm seems to remit in Ibiza. A news that will thank Barça. Anyone who appeared for Can Misses this Tuesday morning of dogs in Ibiza was aware that It is not another day for UD Ibiza. Barça’s visit has turned Amadeo Salvo’s club upside down, which gives the final touches to the stadium before Wednesday’s game at 7:00 p.m. The 7,000 tickets put up for sale They sold out in hours. 2,400 spectators will sit in portable stands that have arrived by boat from Barcelona and Valencia and that about thirty operators paid for Ibiza have been commissioned to install in recent days. This Tuesday morning they were almost ready.last_img read more


Mallorca tests the streak at home with the ‘new’

first_imgEspanyol hopes not to relive agonizing seasons and hence to achieve the first victory in Cornellà-El Prat of the season is essential to get a little calm. There is confidence in the face of Sunday’s duel against Mallorca and the truth is that, since only three teams descend to Second and three ascend to First, the Blue and Whites have never lost all three home games against the newly promoted. positive thinking. This is what should prevail in the Espanyol costumes in a key week for their future. receive Mallorca, a direct rival in the fight for permanence, and, in addition, a newly promoted. This course has not been much fortune in the duels before teams that have risen to Primera in Cornellà-El Prat because they fell against Granada (0-3) and Osasuna (2-4) and on Sunday they have to receive the vermilion team. The data are on the blue and white side because in the last 12 years there has always been at least one duel at home against teams recently promoted to Primera.The whole of Abelardo wants to continue with the story. And not at all repeat what happened on 2007-08 (Ernesto Valverde was the parakeet coach). Valladolid, Almeria and Murcia were the clubs that managed to climb the previous year and the three took points from Espanyol when they played, at that time, in Montjuïc. The biggest loot that was achieved was a single point, which was obtained in the duel against the Murcia team because on day 10 it was tied to zero. Against Valladolid (0-1) and Almeria (1-3) fell. But this evil done before newly promoted was not exclusive to that campaign because a previous one, 2006-07, lived the same story. On that occasion it was tied against Levante (1-1) and lost to Nàstic (0-1) and Recre (0-1). As a curiosity, that course keeps a parallel with the current one because the Europa League was also being played, then UEFA, and the parrots reached the final they ended up losing to Sevilla.last_img read more


Celades looks for answers

first_imgGoals concededA sangria Valencia is falling apart for the goals it fits. After a first part of the season quite acceptable, maintaining the defensive automatisms that inherited from Marcellin, since Christmas, the team is a strainer. From the Arab Super Cup, Valencia has only left the door to zero twice (Barcelona and Celta) as well as against the two Second B teams (Logroñés and Cultural). The other seven games, Valencia have conceded two or more goals in all matches. Two against Granada and Atlético; three against Real Madrid, Getafe and Real Sociedad; and four against Mallorca and Atalanta. Celades knows that this is impossible. Since Garay was injured, the average number of goals conceded is still more triggered: 14 goals conceded in five games (2.8 average goals received per game). With 25 games played, Valencia has received 37 goals in the league. Only Betis (40) and two of the last three, Mallorca (42) and Espanyol (44) have more goals against this point. In addition, comparing the data with last year, Marcelino’s Valencia conceded last year 35 goals in the 38 games played, the second least thrashed team in the category matched with Getafe and only behind Atlético. To this day, and with still 13 games to play, Valencia de Celades has already conceded two more goals than in the previous campaign. The coach and the staff know that they correct this aspect or the chances of entering the Champions League next year are almost nonexistent. The lesionsThe other reason for the bad streak that crosses the black and white set. For several weeks now, Celades knows that it is no accident. And still find no answers. In fact, the technician has already recognized in a couple of press conferences that they have assessed several issues to gauge the origin of so much muscle injury. A lot of the players have fallen this season with muscle breaks. This together with accidental injuries (Piccini, Carlos Soler, Rodrigo or Garay) show a bleak picture in this regard. In Anoeta, without going any further, Valencia showed up for a direct duel without six starters (Garay, Paulista, Gayà, Coquelin, Rodrigo and Maxi Gómez, the latter by penalty), too many conditions for the team to perform at a good level . Celades has even valued changing the training methodology to avoid more injuries. For the match against Betis, the coach hopes to recover some of them.Two facesIt also seeks Celades answers to the difference between the level that Valencia brings out outside the home with the one it exhibits in Mestalla. While at home, the team has found a good level of intensity and play against high-level rivals, such as Barcelona and Atletico, far from Mestalla the image is unfortunate. Many of the most ridiculous games of recent years have been away from home and in recent weeks (Mallorca, Getafe, Milan and San Sebastian). In addition, Valencia is leaving all its chances of success, in all competitions, away from home: Real Madrid, in the Super Cup; Granada, in the Copa del Rey; Mallorca, Getafe and Real Sociedad, in Liga; and Atalanta, in Champions. Valencia needs to radically change this dynamic because it also has seven games left to play outside (Alavés, Real Madrid, Eibar, Villarreal, Granada, Leganés and Sevilla) and six at home.CostumesOne of the first virtues that was praised to Celades was that it was done with the reins of the locker room in a short time despite the fact that when it arrived, the group was more than united to Marcelino and publicly manifested itself against the departure of the Asturian coach. However, in the last weeks it seems that this communion, with the bad results, is in question. The statements of the president, Anil Murthy, calling him “official coach” also did not help. The flat profile in the press conferences adopted by Celades has raised certain doubts. At the end of the season you will see how far.last_img read more


Ainhoa ​​Vicente, a new ‘lioness’ for La Roja

first_imgThe SheBelieves Cup will not be another tournament for one of the 23 called by the Spanish National Team. Ainhoa ​​Vicente Moraza has received the first call from La Roja. It is the last great signing of Spain. At 24 years old, the debut of the defender of Athletic de Bilbao in North American lands and before the best selections of the planet (United States, England and Japan) can arrive. A different bet than what Jorge Vilda usually uses. The Madrid coach tends to give opportunities to soccer players who stand out in lower categories of the National Team. It is not the case of Ainhoa. The San Sebastian has been a key player in Athletic for several seasons. In the last three seasons he has maintained his title of holder. First with Joseba Agirre and also with Ángel Villacampa. He already has more than 145 official matches in the ranks of the Basque team and adds six goals. The defender stakes because of its speed and its great versatility. It is lateral and can play with skill by both bands. A strong point for Vilda, who currently fully trusts in Slide Y Leila For those positions. Sometimes he uses the Levante player to act as an extreme and that could give Ainhoa ​​his chance.A lioness more in La RojaAthletic is in luck. Another player comes to La Roja. In the last lists only Lucia Garcia was among those called (she was the only one to go to the World Cup in France and later for the qualifying matches for the European Championship). One more lioness to fight in the war. Ainhoa’s legs have a lot of football to offer. Spain waits impatiently.last_img read more


“Magic night … of Atleti”

first_imgSince The Telegraph they also ‘blamed’ the Spanish, timely substitute for the injured Alisson, from the elimination of Jurgen Klopp’s men: “Atlético punishes Adrián’s mistakes to reach the quarterfinals of the Champions League “, after having closed his live show with an illuminating “defensive football wins again”. Same feeling as that reflected in the Liverpool coach’s country. The Bild accompanied a photograph of the German puffing with “a goalkeeper error seals Klopp”, to follow the same line that the Telegraph previously, highlighting that the set net “he misses the quarterfinals of the Champions League, despite his 38 (!) shots on goal”. ‘Olé newspaper’ In France, L’Equipe consider a “little miracle” the one achieved by the rojiblanco team, although they make it clear that “you can never doubt Atlético in the Champions League, since, despite being extremely dominated, they have managed to overcome and have knocked the champion down on the mat “. While from Portugal, in addition to the words of To ball who opened all this writing, the media of the neighboring country remembered their countryman: “Atlético eliminates the European champions with the assistance of João Félix”. Just like in Record, where they accompany a “Sensational!”, between exclamations, of the memory of the move by the former Benfica player: “Liverpool made it 2-0, but Atlético tied with two goals by Llorente, the first assisted by Joao Félix”. First great night of Atlético’s ‘Menino de Ouro’. ‘The Telegraph’ Exclamation similar to the arrival from Rosario’s native Argentina, although much more forceful, this one, than the Italian one. “Tremendous, Cholo!”. In two words he collected the newspaper Olé what was experienced in Anfield, to expand further on the lines that accompanied such a brief heading: “The Champions always gives shows of enormous caliber. Emotions at their best. Beats or blows, whatever you want to call it. In this case, the one who gave the great news amid the worldwide chaos and alert for the expansion of the coronavirus was Atlético de Madrid del Cholo Simeone. Because he took it upon himself to leave the last world champion out in his own home. Tremendous“. With the stadiums ‘in increasing quarantine’ due to the chaos that Olé, the colors and screams that have made Anfield vibrate could have been the last beats of a stand that we live on many dates. “This was a ‘vintage’ performance by Costa … only without playing football well” “Oblak, absolute protagonist with his miracles, condemns Salah and his companions” Returning to England, The sun Y Sky sports share verb and almost headline. “The ‘Reds’They are expelled from the Champions League after being stunned in overtime “, they use the first ones; for “Atlético stuns Liverpool in overtime”, the second. In both cases the injustice of the result stands out, in their eyes and the “Liverpool good game for 95 minutes”, before “shocked by Llorente’s double”. Double that leaves in the background the anger of Diego Costa when the former madridista took his place. Mosqueo to which they refer from the islands with irony: “This was a ‘vintage’ performance by Costa … only without playing football well”.center_img ‘Gazzetta dello Sport’ “Magical night at Anfield, but from Atlético”. That counterpoint of To ball Portuguese sums up perfectly what happened in Liverpool this Wednesday night. When all Anfield was prepared to see the current European champion advance, seeking to endorse his continental reign, the more than 2,800 athletic throats present in the city of the Beatles exploded with the error of Adrián San Miguel. “Oh Adrian”, it said one of the key points that the Mirror in his chronicle of the crash. “He was the hero in Europe in the Super Cup against Chelsea, but here he was the villain”, they continued, avoiding rummaging through the open wound with the headline: “A song by Adrián moves Atlético forward”. “Tremendous, Cholo!” ‘Mirror’ “Defensive football wins again” It will take the Sevillian to forget the moment he handed the ball over to João Felix in 97 ‘, and more considering the performance of his namesake in the opposite area. “Oblak, the absolute protagonist with his miracles, condemns Salah and his companions. Liverpool swallows one of the most bitter bites in its history at Anfield”, read the final paragraph of the Gazzetta dello Sport, in a text that praised Simeone’s work in its headline: “Come back Atlético, Cholo eliminates the champion!”.last_img read more


Lautaro believes in the Inter project

first_imgLautaro Martínez is the striker that Barcelona has set for the next season. It would be the perfect relay for Luis Suarez, who by age will soon have to start managing his minutes on the lawn. The Catalan club, in fact, guarantees you ownership. They explain that the Manchester City of Pep Guardiola, the other club that would enter the bid, is ruled out, and that only the Barça team, By paying its termination clause set at 112 million euros, you have options to hire him. In this way, making the operation cheaper with soccer players in between seems unfeasible (there is talk of Junior Firpo, for example). The Argentine striker has 16 goals and 4 assists in the 31 games he has played this season. A series* Data updated as of March 30, 2020 10center_img However, La Gazzetta dello Sport ensures that the Inter Milan is convinced that Lautaro wants to continue because he believes in the Italian club project. He thinks he can get short-term titles there and that only Barcelona could get him out of Milan. LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of March 30, 2020last_img read more


Reduction of salaries to avoid an ERTE in Levante: includes the president, technician and staff

first_imgLevante announced this Sunday that it has reached an agreement with the squad and coach Paco López to lower their wages for the 2019-20 season to twenty percent if the competition is not resumed and one percent in the case of playing the last eleven days of LaLiga open door.The agreement, in addition, also includes the possibility that the reduction will be three percent if the competition resumes behind closed doors, as reported by Levante in a statement, in which he explained that The agreement has been closed with the team captains, Sergio Postigo, Roger Martí, Coke Andújar and José Luis Morales. The Valencian club has explained that the agreement, between which The president, Quico Catalán, is also included, with the aim of “reducing the impact of the current situation on the economy and, more specifically, its consequences in the professional football sector given the uncertainty of the return of the competition.”Levante has also reported that cWith this measure, avoid taking “drastic labor measures for the rest of the club’s workers” and thanked the “collaboration, predisposition, compensation and generosity” of the staff and coach Paco López.The Valencian club, as reflected in the accounts of the General Shareholders’ Meeting of last December 2019, has a staff and coaching staff expense of the first team of 40.2 million euros budgeted for this year.last_img read more