Lampard confident for Super Cup despite Kante question

first_img0Shares0000Chelsea coach Frank Lampard was waiting to make a decision on N’Golo Kante’s fitness for the Super Cup after the Frenchman picked up a knock against Manchester United at the weekend © AFP/File / Oli SCARFFISTANBUL, Turkey, Aug 13 – Chelsea coach Frank Lampard was set to make a late decision on the fitness of N’Golo Kante for Wednesday’s UEFA Super Cup clash with Liverpool in Istanbul, a match he is “optimistic” the London club can win.The France midfielder has been struggling with a knee injury that saw him fly home early from the club’s pre-season trip to Japan and meant he started on the bench in Sunday’s 4-0 defeat at the hands of Manchester United. Kante came on in the second half of their Premier League opener but Lampard revealed another knock picked up at Old Trafford has left a question mark over the 28-year-old’s presence at the Vodafone Park, home of Besiktas.“The selection of N’Golo Kante on the bench was purely because he had an injury in pre-season. He wasn’t ready for the game but I’m very aware of how important he is for us as a player,” Lampard said.“He also picked up another small injury in the game so we are assessing that with regards to tomorrow (Wednesday).”– Turning to youth –Lampard also confirmed that Brazilian winger Willian and German centre-back Antonio Rudiger will start on the bench as they continue to recover fitness following spells on the sidelines.Frank Lampard is keen to give young players like Tammy Abraham a chance to shine © AFP / Toshifumi KITAMURAMeanwhile, young duo Tammy Abraham (21) and Mason Mount (20) will hope to keep their places after starting at the weekend, with Lampard prepared to give youth a chance after a transfer ban prevented Chelsea from signing any new players in the close season.“I’ll pick the best team to win the game, regardless of age. Mason Mount deserved his chance on absolute merit as opposed to age,” Lampard insisted.“I will have no fears to play young players, it’s important at a club like Chelsea that we do that, but they need to deserve the chance.”Lampard is eager to mark just his second competitive match in charge with a trophy, all the more so after losing this match as a Chelsea player in 2012 and 2013.“It means a lot to the club,” he said. “I know that first hand because I lost two: one in poor circumstances because we lost against Atletico Madrid having been champions of Europe.“We were far, far off in that game. It was different against (Bayern) Munich, we lost unfortunately but I understand the feeling that when you work hard to get into this game, which is a game between two champions, it’s important as a club like Chelsea that we give everything to try to win it.”The former Derby County boss added: “I am optimistic because I believe in the players and I believe we are here in the final because we deserve to be here.“I am very proud to be here managing the team but I am also very understanding of the quality of Liverpool.“We know it’s going to be a big test, but yes I believe in my players and if we play to our maximum we can win the match.”0Shares0000(Visited 41 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more


HR Summit: Your employees are your brand ambassadors

first_imgA company’s values, having a social media policy in place, and employees being your customers, were a few of the discussions held at the Future of HR Summit in Boksburg, Gauteng.Ian Dury of Kyocera was on a panel speaking about “Digital Revolution” at the Future of HR Summit. Dury spoke about automation of administration processes such as filling in leave forms. (Image: Melissa Javan)Melissa JavanYour employees are your brand ambassadors, McDonald’s CEO Greg Solomon told delegates at the Future of HR Summit.The conference explored the transformation of human resources in the business environment, forecast trends for the coming year, shared innovative approaches to overcoming challenges and discussed methods of employee engagement in the digital age. It was held on 19 and 20 July in Boksburg, Gauteng.Topics under discussion included “Mobile talent sourcing: what does it mean for your business?” and “Unpacking the 2017 Global Human Capital Trends”.Solomon’s topic was “Guidelines to global success – a McDonald’s case study”.Solomon said out of 11,500 employees in his business, it lost about 2,000 people every year. It was important to treat employees well – if not, they would tell their families and friends, especially children, about their bad experiences. “Your people are your future customers.”When he spoke about a company’s values, Solomon challenged the audience by asking: “What is the one thing in your organisation that everyone can get right?” McDonald’s focus, for example, was quality, service and cleanliness.Equal happiness was important, he said. In 2016, he told restaurant owners they would not get bonuses. “We did make a deal with them that if they met their KPIs [key performance indicators], they would win a six-day trip on a ship to Mauritius. Out of 170 restaurant owners, 120 met their KPIs and went on the cruise to Mauritius.”There were 250 McDonald’s outlets in South Africa, said Solomon, who called it a “people business”. Of that amount, 74% were open 24/7, although he was wary about these hours and put them to the restaurant owners.“We used to close at 23:00, and then employees would be finished at 00:00. They would then arrive at home around 01:00. So we had people saying ‘I’m struggling with this late shift.’” But employees were happy that the shifts were different now; the 24/7 worked for them.Culture in a businessColin Browne, author of How to Build a Happy Sandpit, spoke about the importance of having a company culture. His example was a group of four friends on a road trip to Cape Town. Their strategy would include who paid for the fuel, where they would stay and where they would stop along the way. If they created a culture, he said, it would be an epic road trip.“Culture brings life, heart to strategy. Without culture, strategy is just things we do.”Without culture, the work place would not feel like life. “A lot of people put their ‘work hat’ on and do not bring their best level of themselves.”One way to build a culture in a business was to have fewer stupid rules, Browne said. “Often we are great at teaching, but can we learn too. You don’t have to be in leadership to have a leadership idea.”Respect was a two-way street. “We are seeing that younger people want to work for a company that is perceived to be good.”Speaking about living your company’s values, he gave as an example the McCarthy company. One of its values was family-related. It was found that there were people in the company whop could not read or write; free classes were then arranged to teach these people to read and write, to empower them.The importance of a social media strategyVerlie Oosthuizen, a lawyer, spoke about “The art of connecting: devise your winning social media policies and procedures”.“I did employment law for 10 years. I started seeing social media issues coming up. My friends would post things that I thought ‘how can you do (post) that?’”She was prompted to ask her firm to implement a social media department, and it had seen several cases relating to social media problems at the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration.WhatsApp was the biggest social media platform in South Africa, according to Oosthuizen’s statistics. “It is also where the biggest problems are found for employees. For instance, you cannot delete a message you send nor edit it. People screen-grab your message easily.”She warned that people who frequently used and understood social media, might not understand the long-term effects of the platforms. “It’s important to look at social media policies. Educate your employees on it.“Employers have a lot of control regarding what their employees say on social media. It’s important that employees are taught about what they can say. You are entitled to have a stand – your employees have chosen to work for your organisation.”Similarly, your employees had to know your social media strategy – it had to “live” when you implemented it. When you were enforcing it, it had to be consistent. “Look at each case differently.”Delegates tweeted their learnings:“You need to up-skill your staff if you expect them to do different things” – David Edwards if @CEB_News at #FutureofHR pic.twitter.com/SH0DwXYkU5— #FutureofHR (@Future_of_HR) July 20, 2017We’re here discussing all things HR, Recruitment, Talent Management, Corporate learning etc #futureofhr Summit cc @SABPP1 @Future_of_HR pic.twitter.com/QcGCf4UKCA— Ziyana Consulting HR (@HR_Ziyana) July 19, 2017“When you tie your actions to your values you are most likely to complete these actions”-SunInternational @MillionThrills interactivesession pic.twitter.com/zQku03RZxk— #FutureofHR (@Future_of_HR) July 19, 2017@Future_of_HR #futureofhr – treat your employees as if they were your customers. Partner with them— Biase De Gregorio (@Biased77) July 20, 2017Source: Future of HR.Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa materiallast_img read more


Advanced Media Relations For Startups: How to Be Newsworthy

first_imgWhy Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Tags:#start#StartUp 101#startups A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Related Posts center_img 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Media relations starts with understanding the basics and finding the right leads. Next, you want to craft a powerful enough message that will make the media want to cover you. You’re not newsworthy if only you think the story idea is awesome. As someone managing media relations, you’re subject to the needs and wants of journalists, who in turn are subject to the needs and wants of their readers; by proxy you’re subject to the readers who’ll be seeing your story.Guest author Danny Wong is the Media and Marketing Guru of Blank Label, an e-commerce startup specializing in co-created custom dress shirts. Blank Label has been featured and mentioned in publications like the New York Times, BusinessWeek, Forbes, FastCompany, and more. He is also an undergrad studying at Bentley University.Here are some things to consider when building a strong message to communicate:How is this story different?Media Relations For StartupsMedia Relations 101Don’t be an exact copycat to stories that have already been published. In other words, if say Apple is using biodegradable materials for its hardware that reduces its carbon footprint by 20%, you shouldn’t pitch that you are using similar materials for your gadgets and that you are saving 20% off your carbon footprint too. What would be compelling is you saying that you are using XYZ new materials for your hardware and how you have reduced your carbon footprint by 75%. (Hopefully there is already buzz about how awesome those materials are, but if not, this could be an opportunity to pitch your company as a case study.)Is your content easy to digest?This might sound overly simplistic, but use bullets if you can. Journalists dread long emails. They absolutely dread it. So make your pitch short, sweet and simple – and what’s simpler than some nice bullet points? Don’t be too vague for the sake of brevity. You don’t want to compromise the quality of your pitch by leaving out the meat, the important details. Numbers are useful and eye-catching too.Does it make sense? Can anyone other than you understand it? Is there too much industry jargon? Too much language only you and your team understand? Similar to the last point, make sure your content is readable. Put your Master’s degree and ego away. You want to make your message very easy to read and very clear, so simplify the language of the pitch.Split up long paragraphs for a quicker read. Five, three-sentence paragraphs are easier to digest than one fifteen-sentence paragraph. One of the worst things you can do is confuse a journalist. Overwhelming the journalist with technical information could elicit enough interest that they respond to your pitch. But it’s most likely they will just trash the email.Does it really sound compelling?Did you fool yourself into thinking that your story has legs? What’s the benefit for the writer’s audience? You have to be giving in your pitch, not self-serving. What I mean is that you have to give the writer a story he or she can’t refuse because their audience will love it.You can’t look at media coverage as simply a means for promotion. Media’s purpose is to provide quality content to readers who are waiting to gobble up important and relevant information, so heavily consider the journalist’s and their audience’s needs when crafting a newsworthy pitch.Some additional tips on how to be newsworthy include getting a few objective eyes to check out your pitch and provide feedback. It would be ideal to have the eyes of readers of the publications you are pitching, too. After rewriting your pitch, test it out on a few journalists and see how they react! Not receiving a response at all is definitely considered a reaction, although it doesn’t necessarily mean your pitch is bad, it’s just bad for them. After receiving their reactions, you may have to iterate on your pitch to provide them with a story that they would be compelled to write about.What are your tips on how to be newsworthy? Do you have any interesting examples of how you demonstrated your business’ newsworthiness?Photo by Nicolas Raymond. danny wong 1last_img read more


iPhone 5 Maps Gaffe Energizes Apple’s Smartphone Rivals

first_imgBy now, many people considering a new smartphone know that the new maps service in Apple’s iPhone 5 – and iOS 6 – is more likely to get them lost than maps in competing phones. Rather than continue offering Google Maps, Apple opted for an inferior homegrown service, believing customers would wait for it to improve. In such a highly competitive market, that’s a high-risk strategy that has given rivals a huge opening.Dropping GoogleApple chose to drop its dependency on Google – and customers have to deal with the fallout. Complaints about Apple Maps include missing cities, mislabeled landmarks and faulty directions. While at a San Francisco cafe over the weekend, I spotted its owner hunched over an iPhone 4S, which he recently upgraded to iOS 6. I asked him what he thought of the new operating system, and his immediate comment was “Maps is a joke.”Apple’s response to critics is to ask for patience. “We launched this new map service knowing that it is a major initiative and we are just getting started with it,” company spokeswoman Trudy Muller told AllThingsD. “We are continuously improving it.” In other words, be content using a service worse than the one we had before, trusting that someday it will be better.Rivals AttackThat misstep is the opening rivals have waited for. In its Conversations blog, Nokia took advantage of the failings of Apple Maps to show the superiority of its service, which will be in the Windows Phone 8-based Lumia 920 set for release this year.Samsung has also joined the Apple-bashing party with TV ads attacking its rival as playing catch up. Key iPhone 5 features like a larger display and support for LTE high-speed networks are already available in the Galaxy S3, which also sports the superior Google Maps.Features that the Lumia and Galaxy have that are not in the iPhone include near-field communications (NFC) for and wireless battery charging. But those don’t matter much, because neither are mainstream and they’re unlikely to be missed by the majority of consumers. Maps is different. That’s a feature everyone uses and cares about. In delivering an inferior mapping service, Apple has given people a reason to look more closely at competitors’ products. Once they do that, people may begin to see through the Apple marketing machine. Tags:#Apple#iPad#iPhone#web antone gonsalves 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Who Needs The iPhone?People like myself who use multiple Apple products are the biggest winners in owning an iPhone. The integration with my MacBook Pro and iPad is key to why I stick with Apple. In addition, with the three-year tech support contract I purchased, I know Apple will provide good service when I occasionally run into problems. As a writer on continuous deadlines, time spent trying to figure out technical glitches costs me money, and Apple gets my equipment up and running quickly.But I’m likely an exception. Most people would find it much easier to switch from one smartphone vendor to another, and for them, Apple needs a product that is as good or better than the competition. On that basis, the iPhone 5’s mapping app is a big red flag.Apple has had trouble with core features before. When it launched the original iPhone in 2007, one of the biggest complaints was it didn’t work that well as a phone. However, the company was spared the brunt of the criticism, which was mostly directed at partner AT&T.No ScapegoatsThis time around, there are no handy scapegoats. Apple worked with two dozen partners on maps. TomTom is a primary supplier of the mapping data, and it has already made it clear it won’t be Apple’s whipping boy.“For over 20 years TomTom has provided high quality and accurate map data,” the company said in a statement emailed to ReadWriteWeb. The company went on to imply that the problem was with the app, not the data. “Each of these [device] manufacturers applies TomTom’s map data and other content to create their own unique application, which defines the user experience.”Losing Market ShareApple has been losing market share to smartphones running Google’s Android operating system for years. In the second quarter, the iPhone accounted for 17% of the market, while Android accounted for 68%, according to IDC.Overall iPhone sales continue to grow, of course, and the iPhone remains insanely profitable for Apple. But to maintain its lucrative position in the long run, Apple’s next generation will have to introduce something truly unique and not just ape the near-field communications and other features already in some Android smartphones.In the meantime, it can’t compromise on core features customers consider the baseline: solid voice communications, faster Web access, texting and accurate mapping. Apple has taken a step back with one of them – and that may prove to be a serious mistake. Related Posts Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…last_img read more


Guardiola: Anyone can beat City

first_imgManchester City Any team can beat Manchester City – Guardiola Ryan Benson Last updated 2 years ago 03:59 11/6/17 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) guardiola-cropped Getty Images Manchester City Premier League Manchester City v Arsenal Arsenal Guardiola The Citizens have been irresistible so far this season, but their manager is not getting carried away with the ‘Invincibles’ hype after 11 games Pep Guardiola is not buying into the idea that Manchester City are unbeatable and insists any team is capable of defeating the Premier League pacesetters.City ran out 3-1 winners over Arsenal on Sunday to go 23 matches unbeaten in all competitions this season, with Guardiola’s men particularly impressive in the Premier League and Champions League.Man City -1 v Leicester 5/6 Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player The win over Arsenal coupled with Manchester United’s defeat to Chelsea has seen City open up an eight-point lead at the top of the Premier League table, while their haul of 38 goals is 15 more than Jose Mourinho’s side, who are the second-most prolific team.However, Guardiola is adamant that City are not invincible and does not want his players to think they are.Speaking to reporters after the match, Guardiola said: “Anyone can beat us, that is the principle in all of sport.”It doesn’t matter what happened in the past. You can win the Champions League then lose the day after – that is football, sport, basketball.”All the others want to beat you. They [Arsenal] deserve all credit [for] trying to beat us. It depends on us. It’s so important if we want to fight more to win the title in comparison to last season. “Against the big teams, the five or six contenders, last season we won just twice – at Old Trafford, and here against Arsenal.Pep Guardiola Manchester City 05112017“Now in November we won already three times [against the bigger clubs]. We spoke and if you want to win the Premier League, you need to beat Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man United, Tottenham – all the others at the top too.”But you have to win at home – it’s so tough away. If you are stable, not thinking stupid things, winning helps to win more. Our position is good – we have to continue that rhythm.”Sunday’s match saw City come up against Alexis Sanchez, a player they tried to sign at the start of the season, and Guardiola spoke highly of the Chile international and his performance.”Alexis is a top-class player, really competitive,” the Catalan coach said. “All the problems he caused in the first half were our main headache – he’s a really good player.”Fabian Delph picked up a knock towards the end of the match, but Guardiola does not think it is a big problem.”I didn’t ask [about the injury], they [City players] were singing and dancing – I didn’t ask,” he said. “The doctor didn’t come to me so hopefully [he is] OK.” Check out Goal’s Premier League 2019-20 fantasy football podcast for game tips, debate and rivalries.last_img read more


19 days agoBarcelona coach Valverde admits Dembele dismissal baffled him

first_imgBarcelona coach Valverde admits Dembele dismissal baffled himby Carlos Volcano19 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveBarcelona coach Ernesto Valverde admits Ousmane Dembele’s dismissal against Sevilla baffled him.Dembele was sent off late in Barcelona’s win for comments made to the referee just moments after Ronald Araujo was shown a straight red himself.It has been reported that the Frenchman said “very bad, you’re very bad” to the referee, which saw him given his marching orders.”I don’t know what he said,” Valverde said when asked for his opinion in his post-match press conference.”But I don’t think it was too long a sentence.”With the Araujo dismissal on his debut, it didn’t seem like a foul to me.”Then the Dembele one is a mystery.”Looking at the match as a whole, Valverde was understandably delighted to finish with such a comprehensive scoreline.”It was a complicated and important game for us,” he explained.”They’ve had a lot of chances, but this is what it is.”They left spaces and we had more punch, which proved key.” About the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more


13 days agoBurnley defender Kevin Long admits lack of action frustrating

first_imgBurnley defender Kevin Long admits lack of action frustratingby Paul Vegas13 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveBurnley defender Kevin Long admits his lack of action this season is frustrating.The Republic of Ireland defender’s only appearance for the Clarets this season came in the EFL Cup exit at home to Sunderland in August. “It can be frustrating,” he told the Irish media.“If other lads for Burnley or Ireland are playing well, there’s not much I can do.“I spoke to Mick briefly about it in the past. He wants me playing games, first and foremost, but is aware of the position I’m in at Burnley.“He’s stuck by me and hopefully I can repay him for that.“If I get a chance on Saturday, I’ll be ready to take it with both hands. This match, and the trip to Switzerland on Tuesday, are huge games. They’re the type of you want to be involved in.” About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more


Ten Harris Institute Alumni in 2017 JUNO Awards

first_imgAdvertisement TORONTO, May 15, 2017  – Alumni of Toronto’s Harris Institute contributed to an unprecedented 10 Juno Awards, the Canadian music industry’s awards for excellence in recorded music.“This may never happen again,” says the college’s founder John Harris. “Our faculty and staff are thrilled that former students are achieving their goals. We set out 28 years ago to make a difference and it is very gratifying to see these results.”Harris Alumni in 2017 Juno Awards: Advertisement Login/Register With: ‘Group of the Year’The Tragically Hip, Bernie Breen manager‘Single of the Year’The Strumbellas, Joanne Setterington manager‘Country Album of the Year’Mike Denney’s MDM Recordings artist Jess Moskaluke‘R&B/Soul Album of the Year’The Weeknd’s ‘Starboy’, Henry ‘Cirkut’ Walter co-producer and co-writer‘Pop Album of the Year’Alessia Cara’s ‘Know It All’, Sam and Robert Gerongco co-writers‘Blues Album of the Year’Paul Reddick’s ‘Ride The One’, Chris Stringer engineer‘Rock Album of the Year’The Tragically Hip, Bernie Breen manager‘Adult Alternative Album of the Year’Gord Downie’s ‘Secret Path’, Kevin Drew co-producer, co-writer and guitar; Charles Spearin, bass; Ohad Benchetrit, lap steel and guitar‘Producer of the Year’A Tribe Called Red, Joanne Setterington’s ‘Indoor Recess’, Publicist‘Songwriter of the Year’Gord Downie, Bernie Breen managerAlumni Eric Ratz was nominated for ‘Producer of the Year’ and ‘Recording Engineer of the Year’. The Strumbellas were also nominated for ‘Group of the Year’ and The Weeknd’s ‘Starboy’ was also nominated for ‘Single of the Year’. Sam Weller, Harris Institute’s Studio Manager engineered the ‘Reggae Album of the Year’ nominated ‘Cry Every Day’ by Blessed.For a 5th consecutive year Harris Institute is ranked best private school in the ‘Media Arts Education Report’. Other schools in the top 10 included Ryerson University, OCAD, OIART, Metalworks Institute and Seneca College. The report’s author says, “Harris Institute is the best school of its kind in Canada. Highly Recommended”. Visit www.jimlamarche.ca for the full report.Harris Institute is the only school outside of the US in Billboard Magazine’s “Top 11 Schools” and it was featured in both Mix Magazine’s “Audio Education’s Finest” and Billboard’s “Schools That Rock”.The college has the lowest ‘Student Loan Default Rates’ of any post secondary school in North America. The Arts Management Program (AMP) has achieved seven 0% Default Rates and the Audio Production Program (APP) has achieved five.An unprecedented partnership with the University of the West of Scotland enables Harris graduates to earn degrees on full scholarships and double major graduates (APP + AMP) to direct entry into Master’s Degrees with partial scholarships and accomodation bursaries.One year Diploma Programs taught by 62 active industry leaders start in March, July and November. For more information visit www.harrisinstitute.com Advertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Facebook Twitterlast_img read more


Model Talk Why The Raptors Have A Real Chance

Embed Code More: Apple Podcasts | ESPN App | RSS | Embed FiveThirtyEight Toronto surprised some sports fans by winning the Eastern Conference over the Milwaukee Bucks — but the FiveThirtyEight NBA predictions model had given the Raptors the edge in that series. As of our taping, our model also had the Raptors as favorites to win the NBA Finals over the defending champions, the Golden State Warriors. By contrast, most analysts — and the Vegas betting markets — are heavily favoring the Warriors. Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight’s editor in chief, sits down with the Hot Takedown team for the pod’s first edition of Model Talk! Why does our model seem to love the Raptors, and how much are injuries affecting the projections?Another championship taking place this week is the Champions League final between Liverpool and Tottenham. We’ll unpack Tottenham’s statistically improbable path to the final and whether its underdog status might be a good luck charm after all. Then our Rabbit Hole launches into the forgotten world of Starting Lineup figurines.What we’re looking at this week:Obviously, all eyes are on our NBA predictions.In advance of the Champions League final, Simon Gleave of Gracenote walks us through some of the most statistically dramatic twists and turns of the tournament.Nostalgic for those Starting Lineup figurines? Your best answer might be eBay. read more