With the analysis of five qualities required for the success of the optimization of personnel to win

port: as the optimization personnel need to have good communication skills

we can see in the word "win" the head is a "dead". This can be understood as optimization personnel in our optimization always need to have a certain sense of crisis. And this is the key to success in competition, so the "dead" on the top. The ancients said: "Dajiangshan easy to keep country is difficult". We are also in the optimization, we will do a hard word home page, if there is no lack of a sense of crisis, that work has been done not need to do any work, so that the results can easily be preempted by other competitors. The author believes that the lack of awareness of optimization tend to be your win breaking. read more

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Automobile network marketing how to choose keywords

The second stage:

for the purchase of capacity to determine the range of the brand, users need a natural transition to the second stage of brand choice. In this stage we summed up 3 kinds of demand:

such words which we love through the association of Shanghai index, the following words are listed for reference "about 100 thousand of what car to buy" good "100 thousand car list" 100 thousand car list "" less than 100 thousand of the car list below 100 thousand "what car to buy." 100 thousand yuan to buy what car good "etc.. 100 thousand in the choice of this kind of words, please pay attention to 50 thousand, 150 thousand of Internet users is the psychological lever, is also relatively high search volume. Such words, car manufacturers on is very dense, as the 4S shop can choose to use free online marketing strategy, or take the night to put keywords. read more

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Mao Hongliang the latest research results of website optimization

: the first website ranking and weight and how much the chain relation. That is to say, the more powerful your chain, may not have a chain of low rank high station. That is to say, the chain and site rankings without any relationship, not the more the chain website weight high! Many webmaster see their website ranking is low, regardless of personal danger find people outside the chain, a month can put the chain to be 10000, in fact you rank high site test not? The ranking is industry: the word "home appliance maintenance network". Don’t believe you can test. read more

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Taobao guest website traffic Commission with new tacticsNews syndication start-up Prismatic financin

through the propaganda website has the flow ancient Amoy nets temporarily only 200IP/ days of traffic, then how to change traffic for Taobao guest Commission, I also according to my own website characteristics analysis summary. First of all, my website is mainly to release some fashion magazines and other articles compatible with Taobao promotion program, that is to say, there is a post management background and a Taobao promotion background. Secondly, the article management system is borrowed from others, and Taobao guest promotion program is to do it yourself. Finally, how to add articles to Taobao products in the article management system is becoming a problem. read more

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EG easy to tell a long time multiplayer video CPM pop-up advertising high priced on-line!Do not cry

network www.bieku development network to Chinese cry emotion portal website, the station is based on the Internet, complete station development, planning in the position of Internet users, most of the contents of the station were uploaded by netizens, many websites can upload personal column encryption, fully protect the personal privacy of Internet users.


settlement cycle: week end.

League address: egooad

data returns: real time return.

this event:


, respectively, with the joint hosting website as the entrance, enter the "don’t cry network" selection of the home page for recommendation, free selection by Internet users, in order to ensure the authenticity of the activities, the notary public will be notarized. read more

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Novice sharing ZBLOG asp2.2- optimization techniques for total broadcasting

ZBLOG for some friends may be less familiar with the ZBLOG is based on the open source program in a blog. His WordPress, DZ, phpwind and the like, is a kind of website construction in the system. Dongguan Shanghai dragon -AJ blog to share with you today is to optimize the technique of ZBLOG asp2.2. ZBLOG asp2.2 is the last ASP the program ZBLOG ZBLOG ASP is the perfect program in a construction site. If you are using WordPress, DZ, phpwind these programs, you can refer to. After all, many optimization functions are common. read more

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Optimization of potential detailed in website construction

banned included mechanism is the site if there are some things don’t want search engines, can put these contents to hide the search engines. Prohibit included method is to create a robots.txt file in the root directory of the web site, you do not want to let search engine information included in this document, the search engine to the site will be the first to read this document does not need to be crawling information, then the site to crawl, which can reduce the workload of search engine and on the website of the effective information collection is very useful. > read more

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Whether the user access data affect the search rankings


in the search process, the main user access, interactive behavior including click rate, bounce rate, user retention time, visit depth, generalized point of view, including the impact on social media to share and comment on the behavior of Shanghai dragon.

of course, the search engine to find ways to eliminate cheating noise, user data, and considering the particularity of different scenarios or clicks or fast row like it will be popular. As far as I know, there are a lot of people have tried the same method for love Shanghai click in the noble baby rankings, but did not see the obvious effect, noble baby anti cheat high ability. Now the baby is likely to strengthen the noble algorithm influence the click rate of user data, do not know there is no one in the nobility continued to experiment with clicks read more

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believed in Shanghai Longfeng novices

I remember two years ago, with many graduates, confused and helpless, looking for direction hit the east or west, a boy in a company, not contact network promotion things: for example, QQ promotion, blog promotion, slowly will be aware, in these behind a more interesting a noun is search engine optimization in Shanghai dragon.

, Shanghai dragon is very complicated, such as the Shanghai sex promotion, a site to get good rankings, good flow, it relates to the factors affecting as many as 200. On the other hand, I also want to say, it is very delicate, very cute. When you run your website, hope is a better user experience, rather than simply refer to that rank, many unexpected results will make you feel happy. Of course, the noble baby, or the other is the same reason. read more

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About love Shanghai search results page second head related search analysis

1, guide users to search, protect the brand

search results

love Shanghai will make the long tail word competition, as we all know, the optimization of the long tail word will be relatively simple, mainly for the long tail word station is a good signal, because the station never spend too much time in the long tail word optimization, then. The opportunity to come, the adjustment of love of Shanghai might slow the outbreak of "often" little webmaster mood.

, 2 and 360 separate read more

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Shanghai dragon orders knowledge we need to reserve

Hello, I am Chen Nian, today to share with you here in Shanghai. Some of the problems encountered in the unilateral dragon. I do in Shanghai Longfeng service company has almost half the time, in the meantime encountered a lot of customers, it is all sorts of strange things, all kinds of wonderful, I concluded that Shanghai Longfeng orders do not reluctantly, not just customers, certainly not just yourself. Because meet orders after the problem is far more than you think. Shanghai dragon is now a popular network marketing, we should not for the "money" and compromise! After all Shanghai dragon is to depend on the solid to do it. Well, nonsense not say, here we summarize some of Shanghai Longfeng pick should pay attention to some problems in the process of single. read more

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Talk about Chinese URL is conducive to the website of Shanghai Dragon

, through the two search results, what have you found? About the following points:

many people tend to love Shanghai search engine, can say that Shanghai is the main gate of domestic webmaster to get traffic sources. Today is mainly to love Shanghai search engine Chinese URL Shanghai dragon friendly degree thing. Do webmaster friends must know for a long time, love of Shanghai Chinese URL or the form of garbage in 09 years, and that’s when I remember the love Shanghai encoding or GBK, later changed to UTF-8 encoding, and in the subsequent period of time, love is the support for Shanghai to modify the UTF-8 Chinese URL, and love Shanghai now can be the perfect support for UTF8 encoding and URL display of normal Chinese Chinese. read more

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Examples of how to analyze the web log interpretation

through the web log we can clearly see the user and search engine spiders visit the site, and the formation of a data, these data can let us know the search engine for the site’s attitude, health and website. There are many, we get through the web log index such as the number of visits, residence time, grab the amount, grab the directory page capture statistics, statistics, spider access IP, HTTP status code, spider, spider crawling path active period etc..

because of the Dragon Boat festival. The author did an experiment, and wrote a report on "experimental search engine does not include the site content and the chain factors have no relationship of the experiment", the specific content of experiment, here will say no more. Because the experimental results according to the leyuanbaby贵族宝贝, and did not achieve the desired effect, so I do not give up, through the website log to see how spiders have not included the link I crawl. This process, get some analysis on the web log experience, to share with everyone here. read more

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How to solve the problems included no ranking

solution to the problem

Of course, this is also the author of

has despised the acquisition or reproduced people do not cherish the fruits of labor of others. However, this is inevitable, the world is a copy, we did not own the copyright. Therefore there is no copyright problem what. You can only silently.


I suggest that when we write articles to be clear that I wanted to write what those words as keywords. So in the process of writing to the vocabulary while maintaining readability. Shanghai love is not a trash can, what can put it in the garbage. Therefore, the readability is very important, this is to play the role included. But can get a good show to see yourself in the title of the article. read more

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Sturdy trunk to nurture the lush trees

site is in the same way, we will see the whole site become a tree, then the site’s home page is its roots, and the classification is the tree branches and trunks, all the content of the page is the tree leaves part. Through the front page, continue to gain entrance into the site from search engines, like a tree in the feeding, relying on the classification will guide the user to the page they need, as it is in the trunk to the transportation of nutrients in general leaves, leaves by light and used to produce energy, it as in the page for a certain amount of weight began to produce rankings and get another important channel to enter the site, followed by the energy generated by the trunk and then assigned to the needs of the site, as the weight of the website by the inside pages began to transfer of general category page, the first page. read more

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Shanghai dragon how to maintain the stability of the site outside the chain optimization

because of L-carnitine, improve search engine classification information platform weights, many Shanghai dragon Er have entered the classified information platform, however, found in the release of the chain at the same time, the weight of classified information outside the chain of high sometimes than web site optimization, because the search engine home location, classification information accounted for a position, Shanghai dragon Er optimization site will be less of a corresponding position, this undoubtedly to our optimization difficult, therefore, in. read more

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Analysis of love Shanghai how to distinguish original and reproduced content

, when the articles on the website as the article published, do not know there is no one concern about the weight problem page of the article itself, there is no concern about the search engine to which page as the original, which is reproduced in the

finally, we come to see that love Shanghai to give these articles and what kind of a way to show the way and ranking in the search results.

although many webmaster said search engines can well distinguish which belongs to the original which is reproduced. But Chongqing Shanghai dragon has been on the problems remain skeptical. After observation for a period of time, I think that that is not the webmaster friends said. read more

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Shanghai, for now the grassroots webmaster how much value


A Jun: now do Shanghai dragon feel powerless, my blog on the home page, but not what people inquire, do not know how to do, now the blog of the sale, suggest you students go for it, the grassroots has become more and more difficult.

for B Jun’s words, I also agree with, as a grassroots webmaster, to do a high weight website is not easy, even difficult to say, so there will be Shanghai Longfeng webmaster >

the initial contact with the Shanghai dragon about two years ago, when the hair of the chain to write soft is the focus of daily work, because of their own ideas, in 2015 11 participated in some online training knowledge of Shanghai Shanghai dragon, dragon and phoenix also improved a lot, before the occasional chance to contact with the training of students, all published their views are as follows: read more

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Shanghai dragon Er site optimization is the webmaster need to reflect on the details

first, understand website optimization process white hat and black hat is actually an idea. Many webmaster website optimization mentality is the author does not agree, especially after the line on the website, which is the urgent mentality that we can understand, but one must not eat fat, especially in the face of ranking drop, even no long-term ranking did not effect their self-confidence was hit, this time the most easy to novice webmaster take the wrong, did not hesitate to use the optimization of some of the range between white hat and black hat, eventually leading to their website weight down the bottom, since the choice of optimization, then, will hold a common search engine and the purpose of service users, not for search engines and web site optimization, a search engine from the point of view to think it is very easy to fall into the situation of excessive optimization. read more

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