User experience focus on solving the main contradiction

2. rich


the second is to increase the social attribute of the site. In essence, the website is a social networking platform should be user interaction, in order to enhance the user activity. Many of the forum website will set up a user communication area or the Q & a section, but many are useless. That is to say, is a decoration, do a good-looking. In fact, should take the use of the website construction. Users can communicate really on your website to discuss, exchange their ideas and opinions, this is a good start.

first, rich content is the foundation and pillar of good user experience. In fact the webmaster friends all know to improve the website content, website content that is the main source to attract users.

in my opinion, the user experience is a virtual concept, invisible and intangible. Good user experience is not easy, I summed up the following three little advice. read more


There is a saying website optimization four unnecessary entanglements


guest blog general index are below 1000 words, so in URL and no effort to adopt the dynamic path optimization. Because of the double support pseudo static and static to program and server, so I did not care too much, it has been used for dynamic URL, at present all aspects are very good, like N before a web site, ranking will naturally rise slowly.

second, not too tangled web structure of

.Enough, enough

URL is the only standard and we often hear the words, is indeed very important in website optimization, also can accumulate URL weight effective, similar to the URL structure of the problem often seen in the forum, sometimes even with a week can not find the perfect answer, the other not to say, only 301 he stumped a number of webmaster redirect, due to the different procedures, different host, different languages, 301 redirect writing is different, it also include the URL static, pseudo static and so on, in fact, the index below 1000 words, no need to over with this, the author also optimized twenty or thirty all stations, the dynamic path, but the path parameters are only one, is very simple, so ranking and included well in place, and steady, so do not worry too much. URL, of course if you can spend a little time to fix, then try to use static URL. read more


Network marketing methods suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises

launched website advertising website optimizationShanghai dragon

optimization can be said is the most use of a network marketing approach, which is currently the most widely used method for promotion of small owners, because of its advantages of free, beginners often are from the Shanghai dragon began to work out website optimization. The optimization for search engine ranking natural and, although most of the promotion means is free, but it is large and small website ranking sites are not abandoned. But many enterprises to participate in the Shanghai dragon website optimization, often found themselves what are not, the fundamental reason is not linked to their own profits and the Shanghai dragon, often in a pure Shanghai dragon trap can not extricate themselves, for the small and medium enterprises, Shanghai dragon end is around the product, market, transformation is not flow rate, performance, read more


5 you love Shanghai to save money and time skills

The first step:

add keywords window, Xu boss can manually input the keywords, such as "professional makeup", also can through the right keywords is recommended to get recommended keywords, add good keywords, select "new and creative", and click "save", enter the new creative window:

phoenix nest. "

! The new

fifth, Xu in "new ideas" window according to the boss, the creative added keyword editor, click "OK", after the completion of a complete set of promotion plan has been completed

the second step, through the "new program" click, a pop-up window suspended. Here, you can set the boss Xu promotional products industry, cosmetics industry, and then the new promotion plan is set according to the needs of his creative show is "preferred" or "alternate" (decided by Xu boss advertising style), promotion of regional (select products suitable for the development of the region and whether to participate in the network alliance) promotion (according to the budget, choose "participation" or "participation"): read more


The algorithm updated the site layout and how to build the chain

so I go outside the chain links of high quality, after continuous attempts, in repeatedly find success experience in Web site you can delete, my domain, you can.

three months to finally put the gifts and some related words are ranked as the domain name bought 7 months, but in the record, template, local debugging under spent 4 months time, to accumulate steadily, can quickly improve their ranking, now ranked second as gifts. The author is a Shanghai dragon, but not the program Art graduate, has won’t dare to do, afraid of this and that, last year, in order to be able to do their own web sites, determined to study graphic design and program, finally some small, the beginning of this year as a gift network station network maomao. The following is for everyone to talk about my website network Maomao growth experience and Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques: read more


PHP achieve the 301 permanent and 302 temporary redirect redirect



/ / URL

Header (" Location:; 贵族宝贝hzhuti贵族宝贝/"


redirect principle is very simple, is a HTTP header Web server to send HTTP header PHP visit the visitor, this function is provided by the header () function to achieve. 301, 302, 404 these status codes are stipulated in HTTP agreement, so don’t break the casserole to ask "why is 301 instead of 3001". Pull many, back to the topic.


header (" $http_protocol 301; Moved Permanently"

/ / 301

to PHP 404 error also comes with:


301 redirect

exit (



redirection specified ?

$http_protocol = $_SERVER[‘SERVER_PROTOCOL’]; //http protocol version

(" Location:$new_url" header;


$http_protocol =’HTTP/1.0′;

header (‘HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently’ read more


How to hold live website ranking

3: your site server is OK

said, we are going to talk about for a site is also important chain. Shanghai love on the web site of the chain is very important, if your site outside the chain are standard in quantity and quality, I believe you will have a good ranking. Many owners will be trapped in the large-scale construction of the chain of demons in the beginning, only pay attention to the number of the chain, ignoring the quality of the chain. They are crazy about the chain, although this may be a good website ranking in a short time, but the chain of the rubbish will eventually be deleted, that is to reduce the chain will be large-scale website, which has a great effect on a website, the author here suggested that the construction of the website chain not only to seek development in quantity, but also to the quality of work in it. This is a site to have a stable ranking. read more


Analysis of Shanghai dragon optimization of user experience

: emotional help center and online customer service provided on the website, at any time to help customers solve problems, let the customer increase impression on the website. To enhance the user visit rate.

Shanghai dragon

above by the Shenzhen printing factory (www.xin-lian.cn) finishing. Of course, the user experience is not just a day for two days can do, webmasters need to watch your website data changes more user experience points, for the weak link website deepened, so as to improve user experience.

: browse website classification should not be too deep, when the user clicks too long without finding what they need will be tired, to jump out of the site. The paragraphs should be clear, the background color and font to coordinate, making it easier for users to watch.

: for example in providing registered website, registration is simple and easy to use, while giving the user tips to help users more easily to accept, understand and integrate into the website web site. read more


Case analysis is how to restore the Tencent SOSO K station

above is my operation, I hope to help to you, please indicate the source of the Sanya brigade.

I have a Sanya tourism website originally in the soso rankings have been good, daily soso traffic is about 300-500, but at the end of May, suddenly found that soso bring traffic dramatically reduced to only a few dozen, and quickly check collection, site:www.sanyaweb.cn site that contains about 100000, and the direct search domain is the show did not find the URL ", the conclusion is soso my home K

soso of Tencent as a Tencent’s products, relying on the strength of QQ, is not to be underestimated the site visitor source! Many people only love Shanghai and Google, actually do not know, soso in the Chinese search market has gradually increased the share. Personally, love Shanghai auction, some good words · the first page is for the web site, even if you optimize to the first, is also in the second page, traffic from Google, because almost no harmonious reason often not open, causing the user experience is very poor, in the country the user is also dwindling. So I strongly suggest you Adsense, the eyes moved to soso, because this is a huge cake. Today I’ll talk about my station how to be sosoK off home, half a month after the restoration of the operation of examples, I hope to help you! read more


love mules talk about love, the quality of the bidding optimization in Shanghai

is in the auction website account, how to show the historical performance and click on the keyword, if the show and click on the poor, three stars is certainly not for a long time, at this point, we can put the keywords set to broad match or phrase matching (widely will be better, because you can match widely more words, improve the show and click), then the appropriate price, to ensure that the relevant keywords and word matching, we have more opportunities to the front row, click to increase, so you can slowly up to three star quality.

During the history of

is the main unit of structure optimization and keyword optimization, the initial use of love Shanghai bidding person may take the trouble and other reasons, mess, how can not enhance the quality results. The best way is the allocation unit and key words according to the part of speech and lexical category to reasonable, it can not only improve the quality of management, more convenient, and creative writing will be more reasonable. read more


On line with Shanghai Longfeng optimization CMS system which features


in addition to home can give the webmaster full flexibility of the artificial writing text, classification page should also set aside an area, let the webmaster directly write the most appropriate text. In order to achieve the text of this page is the best, increase the user’s click rate.

, the 1 page title customization

The classification of

website now mostly through the CMS system in the production and management, but as a Shanghai dragon need to do the optimization of the website, how to choose the most suitable for CMS optimization rules of

an article before we talked about the importance of URL optimization, so CMS system can have a static URL option is very important, the webmaster open static function, the whole system is to use static page URL, which included the web page is a great advantage. read more


With the analysis of five qualities required for the success of the optimization of personnel to win

port: as the optimization personnel need to have good communication skills

we can see in the word "win" the head is a "dead". This can be understood as optimization personnel in our optimization always need to have a certain sense of crisis. And this is the key to success in competition, so the "dead" on the top. The ancients said: "Dajiangshan easy to keep country is difficult". We are also in the optimization, we will do a hard word home page, if there is no lack of a sense of crisis, that work has been done not need to do any work, so that the results can easily be preempted by other competitors. The author believes that the lack of awareness of optimization tend to be your win breaking.

in today’s society, we found that this is a matter of desire in the extreme expansion, money has become a lot of people life pursuit. In the "win" in the word "Bei" we can explain the real life. read more


Automobile network marketing how to choose keywords

The second stage:

for the purchase of capacity to determine the range of the brand, users need a natural transition to the second stage of brand choice. In this stage we summed up 3 kinds of demand:

such words which we love through the association of Shanghai index, the following words are listed for reference "about 100 thousand of what car to buy" good "100 thousand car list" 100 thousand car list "" less than 100 thousand of the car list below 100 thousand "what car to buy." 100 thousand yuan to buy what car good "etc.. 100 thousand in the choice of this kind of words, please pay attention to 50 thousand, 150 thousand of Internet users is the psychological lever, is also relatively high search volume. Such words, car manufacturers on is very dense, as the 4S shop can choose to use free online marketing strategy, or take the night to put keywords. read more


Mao Hongliang the latest research results of website optimization

: the first website ranking and weight and how much the chain relation. That is to say, the more powerful your chain, may not have a chain of low rank high station. That is to say, the chain and site rankings without any relationship, not the more the chain website weight high! Many webmaster see their website ranking is low, regardless of personal danger find people outside the chain, a month can put the chain to be 10000, in fact you rank high site test not? The ranking is industry: the word "home appliance maintenance network". Don’t believe you can test.

fourth station is not more, more high ranking. We observed many enterprise stand, hospitals, and the Shanghai dragon. The inside pages of their website, a lot of chain. Everywhere is the anchor link, an eye can see is the internal optimization of Shanghai Longfeng specially made by hand, but the effect is just passable, yet others don’t make optimization ranking high. For example, of course I said and not take down the right site. The site is required to optimize the internal and external combination, completes the internal optimization, external optimization is associated with it. read more


Taobao guest website traffic Commission with new tacticsNews syndication start-up Prismatic financin

through the propaganda website has the flow ancient Amoy nets temporarily only 200IP/ days of traffic, then how to change traffic for Taobao guest Commission, I also according to my own website characteristics analysis summary. First of all, my website is mainly to release some fashion magazines and other articles compatible with Taobao promotion program, that is to say, there is a post management background and a Taobao promotion background. Secondly, the article management system is borrowed from others, and Taobao guest promotion program is to do it yourself. Finally, how to add articles to Taobao products in the article management system is becoming a problem.

also said that Prismatic plans to break through news content and move into new areas of convergence, including music, entertainment, media, events, and even retail products. read more


EG easy to tell a long time multiplayer video CPM pop-up advertising high priced on-line!Do not cry

network www.bieku development network to Chinese cry emotion portal website, the station is based on the Internet, complete station development, planning in the position of Internet users, most of the contents of the station were uploaded by netizens, many websites can upload personal column encryption, fully protect the personal privacy of Internet users.


settlement cycle: week end.

League address: egooad

data returns: real time return.

this event:


, respectively, with the joint hosting website as the entrance, enter the "don’t cry network" selection of the home page for recommendation, free selection by Internet users, in order to ensure the authenticity of the activities, the notary public will be notarized.

hosting website description:

ad prices: CPM popups 45 yuan / million IP read more


Novice sharing ZBLOG asp2.2- optimization techniques for total broadcasting

ZBLOG for some friends may be less familiar with the ZBLOG is based on the open source program in a blog. His WordPress, DZ, phpwind and the like, is a kind of website construction in the system. Dongguan Shanghai dragon -AJ blog to share with you today is to optimize the technique of ZBLOG asp2.2. ZBLOG asp2.2 is the last ASP the program ZBLOG ZBLOG ASP is the perfect program in a construction site. If you are using WordPress, DZ, phpwind these programs, you can refer to. After all, many optimization functions are common.

1. – the site leased space premise must support the rewriteII component, rewriteII component is the premise of ZBLOG pseudo static settings.

two, an important ZBLOG plugin for

360Ping now has not released official

three, commonly used to code read more


Optimization of potential detailed in website construction

banned included mechanism is the site if there are some things don’t want search engines, can put these contents to hide the search engines. Prohibit included method is to create a robots.txt file in the root directory of the web site, you do not want to let search engine information included in this document, the search engine to the site will be the first to read this document does not need to be crawling information, then the site to crawl, which can reduce the workload of search engine and on the website of the effective information collection is very useful. >

site in the production process should pay attention to some of the spider trap, is detrimental to the search engine technology, like common FLASH animation, JS effect, frame, 301 jump, and dynamic URL, is the search engine is not love technology, in the establishment of the process should pay attention to the use of these techniques less try to avoid, can avoid using the. read more


Whether the user access data affect the search rankings


in the search process, the main user access, interactive behavior including click rate, bounce rate, user retention time, visit depth, generalized point of view, including the impact on social media to share and comment on the behavior of Shanghai dragon.

of course, the search engine to find ways to eliminate cheating noise, user data, and considering the particularity of different scenarios or clicks or fast row like it will be popular. As far as I know, there are a lot of people have tried the same method for love Shanghai click in the noble baby rankings, but did not see the obvious effect, noble baby anti cheat high ability. Now the baby is likely to strengthen the noble algorithm influence the click rate of user data, do not know there is no one in the nobility continued to experiment with clicks read more


believed in Shanghai Longfeng novices

I remember two years ago, with many graduates, confused and helpless, looking for direction hit the east or west, a boy in a company, not contact network promotion things: for example, QQ promotion, blog promotion, slowly will be aware, in these behind a more interesting a noun is search engine optimization in Shanghai dragon.

, Shanghai dragon is very complicated, such as the Shanghai sex promotion, a site to get good rankings, good flow, it relates to the factors affecting as many as 200. On the other hand, I also want to say, it is very delicate, very cute. When you run your website, hope is a better user experience, rather than simply refer to that rank, many unexpected results will make you feel happy. Of course, the noble baby, or the other is the same reason.

just entered this line, how many times to give up, when to the longer will be more tangled. Will find a lot of things you want to do is not to be able to. So now for two years, I insisted on coming. So here I want to give some of my Shanghai Longfeng novices keenly aware of. read more