Shanghai dragon Er site optimization is the webmaster need to reflect on the details

first, understand website optimization process white hat and black hat is actually an idea. Many webmaster website optimization mentality is the author does not agree, especially after the line on the website, which is the urgent mentality that we can understand, but one must not eat fat, especially in the face of ranking drop, even no long-term ranking did not effect their self-confidence was hit, this time the most easy to novice webmaster take the wrong, did not hesitate to use the optimization of some of the range between white hat and black hat, eventually leading to their website weight down the bottom, since the choice of optimization, then, will hold a common search engine and the purpose of service users, not for search engines and web site optimization, a search engine from the point of view to think it is very easy to fall into the situation of excessive optimization.

third, but also concerned about the optimization of the user experience not just on the content of outreach. Many of my friends think that website optimization is the large number of the chain, is constantly updated content to cater to the search engine optimization in my view there is a deeper meaning that we need to pay attention to their site user experience, in the optimization process, we can write some related articles of Shanghai Longfeng extrapolation can the product information in the relevant industry platform release, which is also based on the user experience, as search engine optimization, user experience is that we should continue to analysis and adjustment, only to enhance the user experience, optimize the work to enhance their efficiency, a site quality is low. Then, the external optimization is of no avail only add fuel to the flames.

long time no post on the web, as the network owners of loyal users are very pleased to be able to return again and the Shanghai dragon Er learning exchanges, we know the website optimization is often the details of winning, as a professional personnel to optimize how we can make their own site weight increasing, this is the common concern of the majority owners of the problem, in fact I think a good Shanghai dragon Er we need to pay attention to the details are website optimization, especially to grasp the scale is very important, so, those factors that affect the optimization of

second, be sure to specify the optimization plan to do things according to the optimization cycle. The novice webmaster very anxious, thinking of the three site on line five weeks to get this ranking is obviously very unrealistic, in this process, we must provide some pre site high quality content, then released some information on their website and related industry platform, according to the optimization plan assigned to site optimization, don’t have to get on-line website ranking, which is obviously the optimization method is very blind, as a webmaster we have estimated the optimization cycle within the specified range of their plans, so it will not because the website weight did not increase his distress.

scale? Finally, the author summarize,

, website optimization must constantly work in detail and quality, as a webmaster we must constantly make their own continuous optimization efficiency >

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