The algorithm updated the site layout and how to build the chain

so I go outside the chain links of high quality, after continuous attempts, in repeatedly find success experience in Web site you can delete, my domain, you can.

three months to finally put the gifts and some related words are ranked as the domain name bought 7 months, but in the record, template, local debugging under spent 4 months time, to accumulate steadily, can quickly improve their ranking, now ranked second as gifts. The author is a Shanghai dragon, but not the program Art graduate, has won’t dare to do, afraid of this and that, last year, in order to be able to do their own web sites, determined to study graphic design and program, finally some small, the beginning of this year as a gift network station network maomao. The following is for everyone to talk about my website network Maomao growth experience and Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques:

third, although the chain chain is constantly adjusted, but does not affect our foreign chain construction value, others can do, I can do that, I have more advantages, others can do, I can do high quality related, I can point out the advantage, have influence on ranking association.

main navigation navigation and also to set up, to meet the user and search engine needs simple guide, but also promote the long tail keywords ranking; the content page is also added to the evaluation and labeling plate in the picture, so that users can speak freely at the same time, also can drive the columns and page update. Overall, the content of the website included very easily, the weight of home page, column page also increased rapidly, ranking the target keywords and long tail keywords are very good.

second, home layout boutique station, station, site layout must be able to come in the customers have a good impression, but also to the search engine more content to crawl, so in the "art and design spent a lot of effort. The combination of image and text, because now people love simple beautiful pictures, trouble that piece of text, so my site with pictures and text are just to please the search engine. Art and design is not to say, to pop, is taking a small fresh line. In order to promote the optimization of web page updates, the latest developments in the discussion board and user content at the top is called, there is often a discussion board review update, basically belong to the original content, very useful for home page updates, can also increase the interactivity and customer; at the same time the following three columns of three related plate the contents of all kinds of gifts, and with pictures, let the customer can pay attention to the first time.

first, do website positioning any web site to do a good job of positioning, or easy to get lost, my position is a gift, do a full range of services for the public to solve the gifts, holiday gifts headache. Let the customer into the site will want to find their own gifts, and now presents the most popular day is Valentine’s day, birthdays, wedding and so on, so the location in the three point, all things turn around these three topics.