User experience focus on solving the main contradiction

2. rich


the second is to increase the social attribute of the site. In essence, the website is a social networking platform should be user interaction, in order to enhance the user activity. Many of the forum website will set up a user communication area or the Q & a section, but many are useless. That is to say, is a decoration, do a good-looking. In fact, should take the use of the website construction. Users can communicate really on your website to discuss, exchange their ideas and opinions, this is a good start.

first, rich content is the foundation and pillar of good user experience. In fact the webmaster friends all know to improve the website content, website content that is the main source to attract users.

in my opinion, the user experience is a virtual concept, invisible and intangible. Good user experience is not easy, I summed up the following three little advice.

finally, is to stand in the user.


the original web site content, is a key of survival and development of the site. A website can not completely rely on other websites reproduced or copy and paste the contents of the development. We should have the spirit of innovation, attention will be hot, hot events and their site content combined with the spirit of the times and write user favorite articles. Or, conform to the trend of the special group founded to attract female sections, such as column, the creation of relevant knowledge related to beauty, makeup, dress, etiquette and knowledge popularization, accompanied by pictures and video.

web content should be rich, which is known to everyone, I will not say more. But I want to remind you that is, web content can be rich in the form of innovation. The user may for text content with boredom or lose interest in reading caused by fatigue. It may be appropriate to use some pictures, video, audio recordings to replace text, add some pictures, make readers eyes bright. Just like the picture below, it is even more exciting. This not only allows users to see the text, but also let her see women street is how to dress, vivid, or imitation and learning, the user will be more willing to click on your website, browse volume increased.

many people know, we need to seize the main contradiction in problem solving, so as to facilitate our efforts to solve the sorting problem will be smoothly done or easily solved. Now, a harsh fact placed in front of the webmaster friends: love Shanghai now to increase efforts to rectify the low quality sites, vigorously against the chain, which is not a small hurdle to many small sites in it. The construction and operation of a web site to consider the problem of difficult to count, and the user experience is the key. So, how to do well the user experience? Here I come to talk about their own views.