How to do web site optimization in charge of Shanghai Longfeng optimization work skills training nov

dragon according to his two years of experience in Web site optimization, training for new employees should follow the principle of step by step, must not act with undue haste or indifferent. Act with undue haste will only waste your energy, employees are not necessarily able to learn how much, if it will only reduce the staff’s working enthusiasm and efficiency, but not conducive to the long-term development of enterprises. Only in the excited staff of Shanghai Longfeng >

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small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in the website optimization personnel are often faced with fast mobility problems, especially at the grassroots level of Shanghai Longfeng loss rate is more, enterprises need from the new recruitment staff complement vacancies, which also led to a certain extent, the website optimization is often a supervisor of Shanghai dragon skills training for new employees. If the employees encounter some of the basic knowledge, training the heart is easily, if it is a do not understand what employees, executives have estimated that many web site optimization feel a headache.

website optimization feature is easy to rise further, especially in the industry to make features more difficult, enterprise recruits let you spend training, not to let you charge number or when the leadership, the key is to create tangible benefits to enterprises. If even in the face of a website snapshot, anchor text, classification of information, weight, flow and other basic concepts do not understand the new employees, how to adopt the correct way of training

in many eyes, not Shanghai dragon is the chain, update the website content. This not only need to insist on what technical content can be. Shanghai dragon really very easy to get started, but with the increasing of practitioners and peer competition, coupled with the search engine algorithm update ceaselessly, to make the recruitment to Shanghai dragon quickly into the work is not easy. Seemingly the same message, because the choice of different platform, the content of the difference, the result is a huge difference. As the leading company in the results, if the site optimization supervisor is not to keep his men quickly play the effect, I am afraid it is difficult to cross the boss.

usually many executives in the treatment of new employees, or not the Shanghai dragon skills training, simply classified to the chain of the post role, let it completely in accordance with their own provisions of each update a number of articles. The number of the pursuit of information, do not pay attention to the staff inner demands, it is easy to make the new employees in the boring boring work, which directly lead to subsequent turnover. Moreover, the release of the chain, due to not take certain layout optimization, take the quantity of win way already was not recognized by the search engine, not to mention to the website weight and the flow of ascension. Some managers have realized that men understand the importance of Shanghai dragon skills, due to the limited time and ability of the employees to accept different expectations, only a few times filled the Shanghai dragon skills can instill the job, the ending is slightly when the employees understand, when in operation often do not know how to start, stop Consulting Director but let the other to cope with, the effect is not ideal.