Optimization of weapon website ranking and down to do

this is a website ranking the biggest impact. Our hearts will find love in Shanghai recently renewed adjustment, so a lot of website ranking is not stable, up and down. So many webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er already extremely anxious and helpless. But we do not love the boss of Shanghai. We love to eat on Shanghai. The only thing is to keep a good attitude to face, as long as the ranking fluctuation is not large, our optimization method are regular, so it is not afraid of. But remember to learn analysis, not rigid conservative, learn to innovate, this time no matter how changes in Shanghai are not afraid of love. Do the optimization should be done is the most important.

: the first love Shanghai algorithm change

second: the web server must be stable

fourth: high quality content to the web site overall weight increase

is closely related to the rank of the website and website. Is very important for the website optimization. How do you say? If the site structure change over time, the spider to re take the time to understand your site, it will be very tired. Love is not to your site. This is since you senior webmaster often said, the site is not easily revised hope website must reasonably stable. When attracting network professional Shanghai website construction company recommend the site, your site must be good planning what to do, but if you do want to do website optimization Shanghai dragon, must be careful, the decision will not be able to change.

"content is king" is the focus of this. Imagine your website and website are original, so your site will be self-evident search engine love. So don’t >

The structure of

third: the structure of the site should be stable and reasonable

web server is like a person’s heart. When the heart stops, then life is introduced. The web server of the website is the truth. When love Shanghai, the search engine spiders to your site ah, your site is not open, the first day, so, very unhappy to leave, second days, or open. A long way down. How to get search engine love? What is the website ranking. All optimization are of no use to talk. Many owners in the forum ask anxiously, love Shanghai snapshots are not the next day, how to do? It is the key and the server of the website related. Therefore. Attracting network friendship remind you, never good stuff cheap, cheap servers or not. When you use the server, you will find all the optimization problems are smoothly done or easily solved.

on their website ranking, every nerve we are tight, there is a little bit of change, we will confound. So why? Our website ranking is down, unsatisfactory? Then you need to know a few, can be solved.