Summary the site is K causes and Solutions

love Shanghai snapshot of what? Love Shanghai Encyclopedia with a brief explanation, I was here for everyone with their own understanding about love again: Shanghai is in fact a snapshot backup page included in the site of the backup page can not only when we cannot open the web site, click on the snapshot of love Shanghai you can see the website in addition to pictures, such as FLASH, although we can only see the text content, but to open the web a lot better. Another reason can not be ignored love Shanghai snapshot, love Shanghai snapshot can reflect a site for the search engines and web site update frequency. If the site is updated regularly, and the original article, then love Shanghai snapshot will be updated in a timely manner, if long-term not update the content, then love will stay in Shanghai for the last time you update time.

first of all we should learn a knowledge of the most important point: love Shanghai.

analysis of love Shanghai snapshot, then we will get to the point, the site was K which have

we will analyse every situation, so that it will be in the future, more attention will be to avoid site K situation.

, the first web site was K

second, website page is K

recently, with the increasing love Shanghai update frequency, many webmaster website will be complaining about the K website, or a good ranking to 0, for this situation, we have to carefully summarize the website by K causes and solutions.

first, we look at what the performance page was K. When we use Adsense tools to check the website, website has no love Shanghai snapshot of the show, when using site command to query the domain name, the page is not found related to the home page, but the inside pages included is very normal, this time we can assume that our website is the first page of K. The website is K, I found a lot of information on the Internet, this problem will generally appear in the old station, and is a common situation. Why is there in the old station are? In fact, the old station has accumulated a lot of weight, and rich in content, have good keywords ranking, because of this, we have ignored the increasing power chain, constantly updated website content. There is a station in my hand, this station has been three years, many keywords are ranked in the Shanghai love home, until a few days ago, the website ranking suddenly disappeared, love Shanghai suddenly disappeared, but the column page ranking is, does not cause the fluctuation of website. In view of this situation, I also check the number of data online, said as long as the wait can be restored, but I personally think that, if not within the site out of the question, "


these are personal understanding, if you want to see the real concept of love, then please move the Shanghai encyclopedia, search Shanghai snapshot can be love.

third, website site by K