On the differences between the three mobile search and desktop search

mobile search compared with the desktop search more prone to make mistakes

Different time

mobile search more than desktop search localization

one day if you put your mobile phone at home, there is no doubt that many people will turn back again with mobile phone, because most people in this society cannot do without mobile phone. Recently, an interesting survey survey, about 1/3 of those who would give up also don’t want to give up their mobile phone. It is predicted that by 2015, mobile Internet access the volume will be more than PC. YouTube also predicted in 2013, mobile device access will become the main form of British access to the internet. With more and more people focus on the mobile Internet, this change along with the change of the search in the world, changing the way of marketing online marketing. The desktop search is still occupying the leading position, but mobile search is a new force to be reckoned with. But a search on mobile devices and desktop search is a lot different, regardless of how much money you run in the mobile search Adwords or PPC activities to increase the optimization of search traffic and inbound traffic, the key is you have to understand the difference between mobile search and desktop search.

in a day, mobile search and desktop search using the time is different. From the analysis of Google mobile advertising through the tablet computer, PC and mobile search time survey found that the general use of computer search generally reflected in the work time, from 9 in the morning began to increase at five in the afternoon began to decrease. A word on the contrary, the tablet computer search generally occurs in the evening six points to eleven points at night. Intelligent mobile phone search is all day long steady growth of

mobile search and desktop search compared to desktop search is more inclined to the local search intention. What number on how much? Google Product Manager Marisa · Meijer once said that 40% mobile search is a local search. Microsoft also said in Bing, 53% mobile search is a local search intention. There are figures we can see that many people use mobile search to find relevant information near them. After all, mobile gives us a unique opportunity to find the information at any time and in any place. We often use mobile search to find: where is the nearest parking lot? What places around the restaurant and the surrounding information more delicious?.


mobile search and desktop search

this is not surprising, mobile search compared with the desktop search easier to make spelling mistakes. The use of mobile devices like the PC devices that have no accurate keyboard, click on the smaller target and so limited. Keywords time so in the optimization of your mobile device, you can consider appropriate mobile users to search easily in spelling mistakes to optimize, because it can also develop new sources of traffic for you >