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in the website optimization process, mainly in the station optimization and stood outside optimization of two blocks, on the optimization of the specific content can be divided into many aspects, such as the station optimization TDK site selection and deployment, keyword density control of the station structure is simple and reasonable, whether the directory hierarchy is too complex, such as development of station optimization the website of the external links, Links exchange and so on, these factors can not be ignored, any problems could cause the site as a whole is not stable, so a station optimization label optimization is relatively important in the code, Tag Optimization on the station, you know how many

The usage and function of ?

website optimization label we must first think of the most important site of TDK, in setting up the site title, there are many issues that need attention, such as the number of words in the title is a big problem, if the title is too long, there may be search engine punishment on site title when deployment of vocabulary need to pay attention to is not caused by the keyword, words can be maintained within 30 words, with an underscore separator segmentation. As for the key part of the website will need to pay attention to, in general, on the left is the deployment of important keywords right slightly more than the right words right important high, so we can be the site of the primary key to the left of the deployment, while the number of keywords is not too much, you can keep about four, if the number of keywords. Can cause more weight to disperse, nature can not reach the keywords ranking results, finally is about the description related issues, many people feel that the description is to write two words on the line, if you think so, then completely mistaken, a description is a part can not be ignored, in the description of our can the keywords appear among them, in order to better increase the weight of keywords, in the description of the appropriate keywords can also good The get keywords ranking, so for the description of the problem, we must not ignore.

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said the website H1 tags that may be someone will ask, what can pay attention to the H1 tag, but I want to tell you is that there are many on the website of H1 label, the weights obtained in a H1 page is the highest, when spiders crawl after entering the page, the first is the title, the second is the H1 tag, so we can be in the late deployment site keywords in H1 tags to increase the weight of keywords, to highlight the theme of the site core, so the page H1 tags, words can not take into account the overall deployment of the core site, and the H1 tag in a page only once, if the number of excessive use, is not what effect, it need more attention.

3, ALT tag using