Shanghai, for now the grassroots webmaster how much value


A Jun: now do Shanghai dragon feel powerless, my blog on the home page, but not what people inquire, do not know how to do, now the blog of the sale, suggest you students go for it, the grassroots has become more and more difficult.

for B Jun’s words, I also agree with, as a grassroots webmaster, to do a high weight website is not easy, even difficult to say, so there will be Shanghai Longfeng webmaster >

the initial contact with the Shanghai dragon about two years ago, when the hair of the chain to write soft is the focus of daily work, because of their own ideas, in 2015 11 participated in some online training knowledge of Shanghai Shanghai dragon, dragon and phoenix also improved a lot, before the occasional chance to contact with the training of students, all published their views are as follows:

A, B C, the view of the monarch, actually is to support them in a certain extent, for Mr A, together with the original training, do early blog search engine page, it should be an ideal state to the pinnacle of life, but in the end it was forced to change jobs, perhaps this is the greater expectations, the greater the disappointment, limitations of thinking mode has been strong, Shanghai is dragon search engine ranking, ranking on the order, but the truth is that the order is decided by the market demand, Shanghai dragon is only icing on the cake, to seize more opportunities;


D: I really envy you, you can at least make out the effect, my website suddenly open, taking for me in the maintenance, to a few days, at this rate, even ranking out of sight, it seems to be fired.

C Jun: now ranking has become more and more difficult, especially new sites, some difficult words, optimization of three or four months, good luck on the home page, but the search engine adjustment, change back to before liberation, rely on more and more difficult for the development of top down.

is two years of grassroots webmaster, compared to other webmaster, not what is different, always adhere to the correct direction, a characteristic is: Grassroots poor, with the lowest income, doing the most difficult work, so many grassroots chose Shanghai as a dragon the direction of profit, some people say that as a grassroots, can achieve their value by Shanghai dragon, also said the grassroots is at an end, not what the development prospect, do well the owners are now sell the source code to the server, for the current Internet marketing market, whether Shanghai Longfeng for grassroots Adsense there how much value

B: do not Jun Shanghai Longfeng resources simply can not do it, there is no traffic rank conversion is also useless, now which grassroots webmaster can do a weight of more than 3 independent website? What a monthly income of thousands of grassroots webmaster? At the most weight of the 2 guards! Did not make flow breaking 500 Shanghai the dragon is not a Shanghai dragon er.


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