Analysis of love Shanghai how to distinguish original and reproduced content

, when the articles on the website as the article published, do not know there is no one concern about the weight problem page of the article itself, there is no concern about the search engine to which page as the original, which is reproduced in the

finally, we come to see that love Shanghai to give these articles and what kind of a way to show the way and ranking in the search results.


although many webmaster said search engines can well distinguish which belongs to the original which is reproduced. But Chongqing Shanghai dragon has been on the problems remain skeptical. After observation for a period of time, I think that that is not the webmaster friends said.



here with a few articles as an example to analyze, look at these articles published and indexed.

for Shanghai dragon, soft Wen is not a good way of promotion, is also a good way to increase the chain.





because we are doing Shanghai dragon, sometimes to a few big webmaster published online text is a normal thing, basically are some original articles on your site was collected just reproduced to the webmaster online. I also do the same.



from the time and leave a link to point again good proof is original, reproduced or pseudo original articles on these sites are very difficult to pass the audit.


from the above screenshot we can see that the original website ranking in the search results. However, "


has two articles published in A5, a paper published in Chinaz, see them through their respective audit time.

Er of Shanghai Longfeng do soft, usually is to publish this station to the site of the original article reproduced those high amount of large, then leave your links, when there are other webmasters reproduced or collection of this article for the site leaving a chain.



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