Shanghai dragon how to maintain the stability of the site outside the chain optimization

because of L-carnitine, improve search engine classification information platform weights, many Shanghai dragon Er have entered the classified information platform, however, found in the release of the chain at the same time, the weight of classified information outside the chain of high sometimes than web site optimization, because the search engine home location, classification information accounted for a position, Shanghai dragon Er optimization site will be less of a corresponding position, this undoubtedly to our optimization difficult, therefore, in.

In the case of

three, classified information platform to release the

The chain of


2, looking for the readability of the articles or post reply, the readability of the article, will not suffer from the release of search engine update page, so as to ensure the stability of the chain; for the amount of recovery rate of the article or click on the replies to these articles due to strong interactivity, will cause the search engine update and the update, so as to ensure the stability of the chain, and ensure the stability of the rankings.

two, soft outside the chain

forum signature is extremely unstable, because the forum quality is not high, but a great amount of post, so the search engine update time, always will be included in the new page, while the release of some poor quality page, if released to the ER page of Shanghai Longfeng site outside the chain, no doubt will cause the reduction of the website chain, thus affecting the website ranking in the search engines for forum signature chain of experience, the author’s experience as follows:

, a relatively stable forum signature chainThe chain

as a webmaster world brand website, contribute take to optimize your links in A5, Chinaz, DoNews and other sites, can guarantee the stability of the optimized website chain, because many sites are collecting these famous site of the article, so it will cause the optimized website chain growth, in order to ensure the stability of the chain at the same time also increased a lot of new chain, so as to ensure the optimization of the website ranking faster rise.

The stability of

Robin Li of the hyperlink technology patent exposure, outside the chain, will undoubtedly make Shanghai dragon Er more on the site but in the chain resources spread in the world, many chain gradually evolved into a single, included the very unstable chain, then search engine every update, will result in different website keywords the degree of floating, therefore, how to make a stable, let the site’s ranking remained relatively stable, is the constant pursuit of Shanghai dragon Er, according to the chain of experience, talk about some let the chain method remain relatively stable.

1, a daily ration or post reply, such as day 20, so, even if the search engine update in the release of some old pages, but also included the new page will offset the release old pages missing links, so as to ensure the steady improvement of BBS signature of the chain’s rise, so as to ensure the stability of Optimization Website ranking.

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