The Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum credibleRobin Li 7 suggestions for young entrepreneurs

"not to take the initiative to the investor in the process of entrepreneurship, no one will be happy in doing good." Robin Li warned young entrepreneurs, "be sure to borrow the money you need next time you’re not short of money."."

— sorry, I can’t do it."

there was a team called the big market, I believe many people know, in fact, similar in nature, but the market slightly formal, to sell goods in the name of a member is added 199, a net friend I know when he joined the big market, but also for nearly a year, the development of full membership everywhere confidence, but she is really profitable, also use this as a career to do, then a lot of pull me in, said the prospect of good team how strong and so on, but I can see how big the market website how feel is a marketing organization, because the site work is not generally bad, real company the website operators at least one point, web design should be similar, let me feel that they together with nature is the same, I told her that you have this.

was also in the same forum, attracted by a point in advertising, after carefully reading the introduction, also saw their profitable operation of video tutorials, the most convincing is video tutorial shows the daily income, every day he had at least 400 Houston, that is to say there are at least two people join every day, the team was called into the team. At that time, I have a heart as a rookie, they ensure that every day at least 100 yuan of income, the income is mainly rely on a software cheating point of advertising, the more to earn more, to be honest, I was 80% to believe him, but there are 20% skeptical, so there is no rush to fight, I will go check the human and the team, I finally find a cheated friends, he put all the chat records all posted to the public this deceptive Wangzhuan project, this project is seemingly money is actually a lie in, adding a 199 yuan, the so-called advertising is false all the members join, once found deceived, but the money has been paid, only obediently followed they cheat others, the development of a member of his commission of 100, the rest to his superiors, that is the network transmission Selling organizations, then almost a little bit of money to others, and know the truth, I was spared.

– 4 months, okay? Give you a 50% pay."

fourth recruit: disperse customer

– how long will the project be completed?

this is a conversation with a client at the beginning of Robin Li’s business. Later, the customer told him about Robin Li’s refusal, he felt very satisfied, because it reflects that Robin Li is a very real and steady, so that his product quality must be guaranteed.

does not need money to borrow money

when Robin Li in the United States abandoned the easy to do Dr. cap, hard work, the United States IT sector is the hottest e-commerce. Many people desperately want to squeeze on this car to be optimistic about the network of trains, and even throw away their familiar industry.

In the early days of The new

in this case, the new start-up company can only behave like a man when he is looking for an investment, so he can discuss specific matters with investors in an equal position. When investors see the company’s economy in good shape, they think the company is doing well and will be happy to invest.

first move: look forward, two years,

Robin Li did not follow the big stream into the field of e-commerce, but quietly to the few people still interested in the field of online search. Because he saw the tremendous impact that search could have on the web world.

in the course of business, money all over the world, no money can’t do anything "is able to withstand heavy battering the truth. The Silicon Valley in the United States, both because of the risk investment companies and pioneer rippa every day, every day, because the cash strapped and put up the shutters. Robin Li thinks it’s important to invest in investors when they don’t need the money.

second trick: promise less, cash more

into the ranks of the general will go to Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum to find profitable projects, because when you search for "Wangzhuan" two words, some basic ranking websites are very popular inside Wangzhuan forum, a forum, you will be entering these dazzling flash shines advertising impact the eyeball, "day to earn one hundred yuan, day to earn thousand yuan, month million yuan, two hours a day to earn 5000 yuan a month to easily make money online" and so on various projects everything, almost no one can withstand the temptation to point those ads, after all, enter here is want to make money. When you see the point in, found that these ads have a common characteristic is that puzzled specifically what, this advertisement is very dim, in a word, money will tell you how to earn money, once found, is introduced with the above ways of making money far. This reminds me of a little more than a year ago has just entered the circle fly Wangzhuan experience.

Robin Li warned eager young people: "must look forward to two years of vision.". Follow the trend, catch the tide, you have probably just leftovers.

, entrepreneurs often because there are one or two large users and fixed up more than. Perhaps

spent a year doing half a year’s work, and that was Robin Li’s style. He believes that this will ensure that half of the money is still in their own hands. If you borrow money from investors in such a situation, you will be in an invincible position. Because even if I can’t borrow it, my company doesn’t break down at once".

– 6 months."

The third measure: