How to use Google statistics to analyze website traffic data

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: a first look at the specific data, including yesterday’s IP, PV, user retention time and the average number of web browsing, and see through the daily changes of these data, can carry out simple analysis on whether our website traffic stable, because Google itself has the trend of statistical graph, which found that traffic quality trend

two: analysis of traffic sources, this is very important, there are three main types of traffic sources, a search engine, one is to directly enter the URL, there is through the web site outside of the chain to the source of the three kinds of flow through the analysis of our promotion work in the end how to do. If the search engine more, your Shanghai dragon optimization is in place, of course, for the grassroots webmaster, optimization of the search engine is very important! And we also analysis the average number of web browsing, residence time and bounce rate and so on, be able to judge how the quality of your web content through the three the data, if the data is not ideal, it would need to be very good for the construction of the content of

Google statistics function is more suitable for us to the webmaster, because the data involved is very comprehensive, so to make a different analysis for different data, can make data analysis to enhance our website user experience


three: the Google tool to see the content flow is relatively high, stay for a long time, for the contents of this near future to focus on construction and maintenance, to do some small.

if you mainly do is Google alliance, then by Google statistics to analyze website traffic has become a necessary task, of course, now many webmaster analysis is also very interested in the flow of data, but many people do not know how to analyze their data flow, just look at the flow changes in their own site every day, this in fact, and not what kind of data analysis is not two, but also a waste of time, we have the following three aspects to talk about how Google Statistics website data analysis

is through the analysis of the chain to the site traffic data, the data representing the construction degree, you outside of the chain volume, the outer chain, the chain flow is less and less, in the promotion of the above need to continue to work hard, we can find from these data, what kind of website can bring you the recommended flow is good, so that we can focus on the promotion in these types of sites, without the need for promotion aimlessly, or does not have the quality to bring traffic, increase your bounce rate, or lose a lot of time to promote

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also direct traffic sources is also a very important data, such as through bookmarks or directly enter the URL in the browser over the flow, if the flow rate is more, so congratulations to you, your website brand is good, also look at these flow out rate, the average web browsing time so, if the bounce rate is relatively high, it represents the content of your website has appeared crisis, need to improve