Sturdy trunk to nurture the lush trees

site is in the same way, we will see the whole site become a tree, then the site’s home page is its roots, and the classification is the tree branches and trunks, all the content of the page is the tree leaves part. Through the front page, continue to gain entrance into the site from search engines, like a tree in the feeding, relying on the classification will guide the user to the page they need, as it is in the trunk to the transportation of nutrients in general leaves, leaves by light and used to produce energy, it as in the page for a certain amount of weight began to produce rankings and get another important channel to enter the site, followed by the energy generated by the trunk and then assigned to the needs of the site, as the weight of the website by the inside pages began to transfer of general category page, the first page.


can be said, with the operation principle and the tree different approaches but equally satisfactory results on the website of life

users want to do long tail keywords of the page ranking, but worried that those words spread the weight of his navigation bar, so I want to be in the navigation bar words do Nofollow, I want to ask how to do it on


and I was given his answer is:

problem seems very simple what not complicated, just out of the general establishment of the heart rarely someone must consider others, I may not say but at least I never do. And the Internet is the problem the answer is already quite consistent, is that most of them is that for some "contact us" and "about" this kind of topic and website navigation for the Nofollow treatment, while the other is not necessary.



is thought to talk about this title, or from a few days ago a friend asked me the question on QQ. Was his question to ask me some at a loss, is the first time since I was asked this question, the question is this:

I think a site is like a tree grown stronger. In general, it has its own set of processes, from tree roots began to attract nutrients, these nutrients through the trunk to the Everfount leaves supply past, while the leaves and through photosynthesis and put them into their own survival must the energy, relying on the trunk was assigned to take place. In the whole process of the trunk plays an extremely important role.

originally wanted to write this article yesterday, but because too many things can not really take time to write down, so until today to take the door closed to write this article. The title of this article at first looks like our Shanghai dragon far, and even can be said to be the least bit relationship is not a topic, but is this looks like and we study something completely Never mind, the main problem is I want to tell you today.

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