Whether the user access data affect the search rankings


in the search process, the main user access, interactive behavior including click rate, bounce rate, user retention time, visit depth, generalized point of view, including the impact on social media to share and comment on the behavior of Shanghai dragon.

of course, the search engine to find ways to eliminate cheating noise, user data, and considering the particularity of different scenarios or clicks or fast row like it will be popular. As far as I know, there are a lot of people have tried the same method for love Shanghai click in the noble baby rankings, but did not see the obvious effect, noble baby anti cheat high ability. Now the baby is likely to strengthen the noble algorithm influence the click rate of user data, do not know there is no one in the nobility continued to experiment with clicks

also do not understand, please refer to the "Shanghai dragon combat code" second chapters, sixth sections, how users browse page search results.

the top of the page click rate has been increasing, rising from 22% in April 2016 to 24%

user access data page search rankings? This is an old topic. As early as 11 years ago, I was in Shanghai Longfeng every one written noble baby may consider user behavior in the ranking algorithm.

in SeptemberThe location of

at the end of last year, according to Larry Kim:

modify the page title page ranking can improve?

, however, so far, all the nobles spoke baby engineers have explicitly denied access and behavioral data is a direct factor ranking. Here we should pay attention to their words, they often deny is – a direct factor. We observed the situation of Shanghai dragon, and user access behavior at least indirectly affect the page ranking.

click rate affect the page ranking


about the location of the average click rate refers to each position, there is a roughly stable hits, such as the first, usually hits 30-40% and so on, are as follows:

than the average click rate low page generally ranked 10 in 6-

more than the average click rate of the page is easy to get 1- 4 rankings, such as more than the average hit rate of 20% pages is easy to row to the first

Whether the

search results page click rate distribution

first, the search results page click rate is certainly affect the ranking, or just a few years ago no love Shanghai clicks and now the so-called love Shanghai fast line. Noble baby also, although the public denial is the direct factor, but a few years ago to engineer nobility baby and I said, hit rate will affect the ranking. May not be the direct ranking factors, but can be check factors.

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