Optimization of potential detailed in website construction

banned included mechanism is the site if there are some things don’t want search engines, can put these contents to hide the search engines. Prohibit included method is to create a robots.txt file in the root directory of the web site, you do not want to let search engine information included in this document, the search engine to the site will be the first to read this document does not need to be crawling information, then the site to crawl, which can reduce the workload of search engine and on the website of the effective information collection is very useful. >

site in the production process should pay attention to some of the spider trap, is detrimental to the search engine technology, like common FLASH animation, JS effect, frame, 301 jump, and dynamic URL, is the search engine is not love technology, in the establishment of the process should pay attention to the use of these techniques less try to avoid, can avoid using the.


Optimization of

to ban the included mechanism of

website building program has many kinds, mainly ASP, PHP, JSP, HTM, ASPX (.NET program), the dynamic website involves database, taking into account the search engine’s preferences, no matter what kind of program do stand, making the best use of the DIV+CSS website, as little as possible with or without the use of table format.

program optimization

sub domain is also the common two domain names, such as bbs.admin5贵族宝贝’s admin5贵族宝贝 sub domain, and a admin5贵族宝贝/bbs is under the admin5贵族宝贝 directory. A website how to choose the word domain name and directory? Considering the weight of the domain name, website directory website early is good, will increase the weight of the site directory website with the domain name, this technique is known in the community for development strategies Shanghai Longfeng exhibition. The new website directory to do a website, the weight can concentrate on the site, then do two level domain name weight website with some improvement, which is sub domains, weight to web, the weight of such sub domain will also inherit the website main domain quickly, get good weight.

sites are generally two kinds of physical structure and link structure, physical structure and the link structure and the divided into tree structure and flat structure, the general website by using the tree structure, the structure model which is the search engine is love, the flat structure is generally relatively simple only a few simple static page site will the use of.


structure optimizationThe structure of

when the construction site in order to take into account the collection mechanism of search engine, need to pay attention to some technical matters in the process of site operation. Small wateryuer last week to China 8U site construction personnel carefully summed up the following points for you reference.

sub domain and directory optimization

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