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network www.bieku development network to Chinese cry emotion portal website, the station is based on the Internet, complete station development, planning in the position of Internet users, most of the contents of the station were uploaded by netizens, many websites can upload personal column encryption, fully protect the personal privacy of Internet users.


settlement cycle: week end.

League address: egooad

data returns: real time return.

this event:


, respectively, with the joint hosting website as the entrance, enter the "don’t cry network" selection of the home page for recommendation, free selection by Internet users, in order to ensure the authenticity of the activities, the notary public will be notarized.

hosting website description:

ad prices: CPM popups 45 yuan / million IP

Don’t cry

sponsored website don’t network www.bieku, is expected to invite the well-known portal emotional theme programs combined with the selection of activities to Chinese Internet the most touching emotional articles, together to create Internet Chinese emotional brand, promote the development of the Internet Chinese emotion literature. It also provides a solid foundation for effective real flow and visibility of the cooperation websites.

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prize setting: without sponsorship, prizes are purchased by "no cry" online and recorded as ten audio networks in audio format.
contact the website;

      League webmaster group: 52626859    more advertising Union; http://s.v.top.admin5/u;

      customer service :53138887  55298887

, everybody:

Hello, everyone, a lot of people video CPM pop-up advertising online, welcome to the active launch of the webmaster, I believe that can bring good benefits for the station.

activity full name: ten great emotion Chinese Internet sentiment article selected

activity flow:

don’t cry, network for crowds: over 18 years of age,

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