Automobile network marketing how to choose keywords

The second stage:

for the purchase of capacity to determine the range of the brand, users need a natural transition to the second stage of brand choice. In this stage we summed up 3 kinds of demand:

such words which we love through the association of Shanghai index, the following words are listed for reference "about 100 thousand of what car to buy" good "100 thousand car list" 100 thousand car list "" less than 100 thousand of the car list below 100 thousand "what car to buy." 100 thousand yuan to buy what car good "etc.. 100 thousand in the choice of this kind of words, please pay attention to 50 thousand, 150 thousand of Internet users is the psychological lever, is also relatively high search volume. Such words, car manufacturers on is very dense, as the 4S shop can choose to use free online marketing strategy, or take the night to put keywords.




first stage: cash stage


by the end of 2011, in the keyword search engine running, or by car manufacturers as the leading brand in. In the country, there is a small part of the 4S shop began to put in their own words, another part of the car portal, automobile group purchase sites are key words put in force. The author boldly predicted that in the next 1-2 years, the search engine will become the automobile network marketing intense battlefield.

> 2.

users, buy what kind of car is determined by its income level and economic ability, not sure what to buy in the car in case the user is compared to determine the hand inside money and their Car Buying budget. At this stage we should guide users through the Car Buying focus phrases. For example: "about 60 thousand of what car to buy", in the view of the ordinary Shanghai dragon this word is important keywords and long tail keywords, not the true meaning of the station, but the data in the face of all clouds, we can look at the love Shanghai index of the word, (below) from September 2011 to the end of January 2012 has been in a day about 900, in addition to the new year during the fall, has been strong.

users through the price, brand, compared with similar function models, hoping to obtain useful knowledge gradually to choose their own needs of the brand.


today we introduce the automobile network marketing how to choose keywords, this is not only helpful to search engine bidding, the free network promotion is very helpful. The choice of keywords must meet the Internet users search habits, we deeply understand the needs of users and the corresponding level through this article.

1, compared to demand: Peugeot 408 and Sega 3 car that

we can see about 100 thousand of the cars, demand is more exuberant, as shown in figure

brand choice stage

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