love mules talk about love, the quality of the bidding optimization in Shanghai

is in the auction website account, how to show the historical performance and click on the keyword, if the show and click on the poor, three stars is certainly not for a long time, at this point, we can put the keywords set to broad match or phrase matching (widely will be better, because you can match widely more words, improve the show and click), then the appropriate price, to ensure that the relevant keywords and word matching, we have more opportunities to the front row, click to increase, so you can slowly up to three star quality.

During the history of

is the main unit of structure optimization and keyword optimization, the initial use of love Shanghai bidding person may take the trouble and other reasons, mess, how can not enhance the quality results. The best way is the allocation unit and key words according to the part of speech and lexical category to reasonable, it can not only improve the quality of management, more convenient, and creative writing will be more reasonable.

three, accounts of the historical performance of

is the optimization of creativity is the most important, is the task of a large amount of things, so many people in order to save directly to a unit just write an idea for it, so you can always stay in Shanghai on the right side of love. The correct approach is to first ideas to try to write in line with the user’s browsing, to attract users to click, recording at least one title, describing at least two times in addition to rosy, each unit at least two creative writing.

Optimization of

two, creative

normally, make these points, most words are can mention three stars, optimize the quality degree is a try, "

fell in love with the sea since the launch of Phoenix Nest, the quality has been plagued everyone’s problem, often encounter such a problem, it is three stars, wake up, quality will become two star or even a star, remember when I love mules just use phoenix nest system, in order to improve the quality of it can be said to be painstakingly, but with little success, many people often see problems and improve the quality of the problem still can group now, following the way my personal a little experience.

, a structure of account

quality, historical performance, creativity depends mainly on account of the writing and the account, then we will focus on these areas to optimize the quality of.


is a quality of love all the key words to judge the quality of bidding in Shanghai, is divided into three levels, one star, two stars and three stars, one star said that the quality degree is very low, can not appear in the love of Shanghai left; two star said that as a general, organic will appear on the left side of Shanghai but the love. The probability is very small; three star said that the quality very high, as long as you are willing to offer, you will always have your place left.

first explain what is love Shanghai bidding quality

Keywords Optimization of

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