Case analysis is how to restore the Tencent SOSO K station

above is my operation, I hope to help to you, please indicate the source of the Sanya brigade.



I have a Sanya tourism website originally in the soso rankings have been good, daily soso traffic is about 300-500, but at the end of May, suddenly found that soso bring traffic dramatically reduced to only a few dozen, and quickly check collection, site that contains about 100000, and the direct search domain is the show did not find the URL ", the conclusion is soso my home K

soso of Tencent as a Tencent’s products, relying on the strength of QQ, is not to be underestimated the site visitor source! Many people only love Shanghai and Google, actually do not know, soso in the Chinese search market has gradually increased the share. Personally, love Shanghai auction, some good words · the first page is for the web site, even if you optimize to the first, is also in the second page, traffic from Google, because almost no harmonious reason often not open, causing the user experience is very poor, in the country the user is also dwindling. So I strongly suggest you Adsense, the eyes moved to soso, because this is a huge cake. Today I’ll talk about my station how to be sosoK off home, half a month after the restoration of the operation of examples, I hope to help you!


my first time in accordance with the majority of Shanghai dragon tutorial that Links check, check the keyword density, and the work is done, after a week I found the home is still not recovered included, I finally died the first doctor horses lash, to the Tencent’s webmaster development platform, to the top of a contact email the results of their mail, they are not responsible for handling this reply. Then come, see the next section I is how to recover the sosoK off the front page:


search results to the following page in soso, there is a "feedback link", after entering the "I want to say," the polite way to the client manager that I site, in the long wait three days, found that the customer manager give me the reply immediately, in soso I found the domain name "", the home recovery included, and I do the main keyword "Sanya tourism" is restored to the ranking of the top 5 home page. The following screenshots as evidence:


from K off home, no ranking, to the final recovery, spent almost a month time, the time to find the solution, for three days, I hope you have the same Manager Webmaster, detours, I try to look below, my station is now the main key word row in the home page fifth

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