How to hold live website ranking

3: your site server is OK

said, we are going to talk about for a site is also important chain. Shanghai love on the web site of the chain is very important, if your site outside the chain are standard in quantity and quality, I believe you will have a good ranking. Many owners will be trapped in the large-scale construction of the chain of demons in the beginning, only pay attention to the number of the chain, ignoring the quality of the chain. They are crazy about the chain, although this may be a good website ranking in a short time, but the chain of the rubbish will eventually be deleted, that is to reduce the chain will be large-scale website, which has a great effect on a website, the author here suggested that the construction of the website chain not only to seek development in quantity, but also to the quality of work in it. This is a site to have a stable ranking.

"content is king, the chain for emperor", the content of the website is the cornerstone of a website. If you build a house, if not completed the cornerstone of your house will have to bear the risk of collapse. It is the same for the site. Some owners in the rankings after it is rarely updated original content settings do not update the site, this is a fatal mistake. If the website content not on it, you will be ranked more on. Finally, the site’s ranking will fall.

4: basic information website not too frequently change

1: you need to regularly update the content of your site

The ancients said: "

the most fundamental dependence is what? Yes, is the server. The sentence should be: health is the capital of revolution. A good server as a web site for a healthy body. If you do not have a good server, then all the topics are empty Shanghai dragon. Imagine if your server’s card, the spider crawling are too lazy to climb, not to mention the users, users and spiders don’t have the patience to wait for you, you have to remember this.

search engine, especially love Shanghai, love some stable site, if you are too frequent to modify the title of your site keywords, and other information, not only for your ranking is the fatal injuries, for example my site 贵族宝贝>

2: your site outside the chain is

Dajiangshan easy to keep country is difficult." The meaning of this sentence is this you may have hit, but to hold a Jiangshan not overthrow it is difficult. The ancient wisdom of pragmatic in our Shanghai dragon industry too. The ranking of the site we may first kill, but to hold this position is very difficult. A site we took when the love of Shanghai home, we can not happy too early, this is just a starting point, we should sit down and consider how to hold this position. There are many factors that influence a site’s ranking. Combined with my years of experience optimization, there are several methods for ranking on how to hold your site to share with you.


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