think that this is a great risk

black chain rampant, is a very important factor is the management of the enterprise website, a few years to update this page, just to play the Trojan horse if you create convenient ways, the construction of a long-term planning of the site, and that the security deposit in the great risk of the website is a chain, is very unwise, the best way is to take a detour!

two: enterprise website weight is not high, a little help for their site


: a corporate Web site was hung horse, affect the weight of a website chain

another reason is the enterprise website through most of the use of a large number of pictures, FLASH effects to create brilliant website, the effect of not knowing this is not for search engines.


chain! !Now the Internet

as mentioned above, the enterprise website most bottleneck weight is not high, this phenomenon is caused by two reasons, one is the enterprise web content is relatively weak, the update speed is very slow, natural is not able to get the favour of search engine, but the enterprise website generally can be included in search engines, for the future is good love Shanghai, this is certainly something

enterprise website construction usually has two channels, one is the enterprise professional IT website, the other one is the professional team and the company website, the professional IT staff website, unless companies spend huge manpower and material resources for the construction site, otherwise basically is through the construction of free the station program on the Internet website, and then change the title and page content becomes the enterprise website! For the website security so naturally there is no way to guarantee

although the Internet develops very fast, huge opportunity for some business owners are aware of the construction and operation of enterprise website can bring, but most of the corporate website, is still only a display platform, most are only a brief introduction of the enterprise, product display, news, and contact us these columns! But this is a lot of outsourcing enterprise website the construction is completed, basically no longer maintained, unless occasionally update the product pictures for such business sites, we can not and they were friends of the chain? I think that this is a great risk! Two risk here to introduce this enterprise website and friends the


some people may think, professional website construction company will certainly be able to ensure the safety of enterprise website, but according to my understanding, now a lot of professional website construction company under the pressure of the cost is often the number of business website to set in their own R & D of the template, many enterprise web site program are the same also, the content and background have changed only, this station program once the vulnerabilities will damage to a large number of the use of this site program construction enterprise website, so the enterprise construction site security professional website is not very secure