Artisanal wooden MAME cabinet with projector doubles as classy furniture

first_imgRather than hunting through Craigslist or eBay for an old arcade cabinet that you can put in your living room, designer Love Hulten created this wonderfully crafted wooden cabinet that won’t stick out like a sore thumb. Dubbed the R-Kaid-Redelux, the cabinet combines MAME, which is an arcade game emulator, and Maximus Arcade, which is software that allows access to different emulators — all kept within a polished wood housing.The controllers are built into the unit, but are wireless, so they can detach without the mess of being tethered. They’re made of polished wood as well, so they uniformly fit the overall aesthetic. The unit also makes use of an optional trackball (as some arcade games just aren’t the same without it) which can be magnetically docked.The unit is kept compact not with a tiny screen, but by not including a screen at all. R-Kaid-Redelux includes a 300 ansi mini projector, so the unit can remain a small size and be more easily moved between rooms. In the above video, Hulten shows off the unit in action, playing Street Fighter 2 and Metal Slug 2, which are only two of the 1,000 or so games held on the i3 PC rig kept inside the wooden frame.The Redelux is an upgrade of the R-Kaid-6, a unit Hulten built in 2011.If you’re into this piece, or would like to check out (or own) some of Hulten’s other work, head on over to his portfolio, where he notes that some of his pieces can be reproduced or put on sale.last_img read more