World Football Championship: Only 15 Accreditations for B&H Journalists

first_imgUnfortunately a large number of B&H journalists will remain in B&H without possibility of an official participation at the World championship matches.FIFA announced the possibility of the B&H football house of receiving a modest number of accreditations, meaning 15 accreditations, which is far less than the actual demand. B&H Football Association confirmed this information on their official website.“We inform all the local media that the football association of B&H has received a total of 15 accreditations for the World Championship in Brazil: 15 accreditations for journalists (written press, internet portals and freelancers) and no accreditation for photographers. The representatives of the FIFA department for accreditation have distributed accreditation for journalists based on experience and number of media representatives from the previous championships”, announced the Football Association of B&H.Through its media channel (FIFA Media Channel) FIFA determined the manner and the number of accreditations granted to alliances-participants for the World Championship that will be held from 12 June until 13 July in Brazil.(Source: read more